The First 100 Episodes

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The First 100 Episodes
Content: All episodes from Seasons 1-5
Language: English
Rating: General
Release Date: September 22, 2009
May 23, 2017 (re-release)
Disc Amount 14

The First 100 Episodes is a SpongeBob DVD released on September 22nd, 2009 that contains the complete seasons 1-5. This results in 2,233 minutes of SpongeBob episodes spread over 13 discs as well as a 14th disc of bonus features. The original release comes with seven slim cases with two discs and one character on the cover each. SpongeBob is on discs 1 and 2, Patrick on 3 and 4, Gary on 5 and 6, Squidward on 7 and 8, Mr. Krabs on 9 and 10, Sandy on 11 and 12, and Plankton on 13 and 14. The front cover of the original set is lenticular giving it a 3D effect.


[edit] Episodes

[edit] Disc 1

[edit] Disc 2

[edit] Disc 3

[edit] Disc 4

[edit] Disc 5

[edit] Disc 6

[edit] Disc 7

[edit] Disc 8

[edit] Disc 9

[edit] Disc 10

[edit] Disc 11

[edit] Disc 12

[edit] Disc 13

[edit] Special Features

Except for the audio commentaries, which are found throughout discs 11-13 (depending on the episode), all special features are on a separate disc (disc 14).

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