New Student Starfish (Episode)

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New Student Starfish
Titlecard New Student Starfish.jpg

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Episode No.: 53a
Season: 3
Airdate: 20 September 2002
Previous Episode: Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy V
Next Episode: Clams
Characters Voice actors
SpongeBob SquarePants Tom Kenny
Patrick Star Bill Fagerbakke
SpongeBob and Patrick in boating school laughing.
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"New Student Starfish" is an episode from Season 3



SpongeBob is getting ready for boating school. When he is opening the door, Patrick is there. SpongeBob tells him that he has to go to boating school. Patrick does not like to wait until SpongeBob comes back, so SpongeBob tells Patrick that he can come with him to boating school. Patrick agrees and SpongeBob introduces him to his school. Then SpongeBob tells him about the "Good Noodle" stars (which are for every time you do something good academically and for behavior) and writes down Patrick’s name so he can start collecting them. When class starts, Patrick gets SpongeBob into lots of trouble, which results in one of SpongeBob's golden stars taken off. SpongeBob faints, and Patrick responds by saying "Mrs. Puff, is it nap-time?" Mrs. Puff sends everybody to recess. Later, SpongeBob and Patrick have to go to detention because they were fighting (not really) during recess. After having a fight in the hallway, they are sent to detention, where they shout out how much they hate each other. But when SpongeBob says "I hate you even if the light that's keeping Roger (a science project) alive went out," it goes out. When SpongeBob and Patrick realize, that Roger is going to freeze to death, they spring into action. After saving Roger, Mrs. Puff comes in and says she saw everything through her one way chalkboard. As a reward, they each get one gold star. Patrick later leaves when he finally realizes he is in boating school because he thought he was in Spanish class and when Patrick says goodbye to Mrs. Puff she calls her “big fat meanie”. After this, Roger finally hatches from the egg and says " Hey, what did I miss!


  • Patrick's watch disappeared when he entered the Classroom.
  • Roger, the Baby chick is named after the person who voiced Squidward, Rodger Bumpass.
  • Chicks don't talk! Why does Roger talk?
  • Patrick does not go to school, but in the episode: The Bully he mentioned that he goes to community college.
  • The names on the Bikini Bottom Board keep changing. In this episode it is like this: SpongeBob, Lloyd, Sheila, Paco, Debbie, Horace and Patrick. Other times there is a Rich between Horace and Patrick.
  • SpongeBob dominates the star chart, yet he is by far the world's worst driver.
  • SpongeBob said that he had 74 stars, but only 25 of his stars was seen.
  • SpongeBob was sent in the back of the class while Mrs. Puff is teaching, Patrick keeps on annoying him, while the two are doing something you can hear Mrs. Puff only says: bla bla bla…..
  • SpongeBob’s terror at having his good noodle star removed chronologically parallels the movie 'The Exorcist': first his chair shakes, then his upper body convulses, and finally his head spins.
  • The part where Gary helps SpongeBob is a parody of Wallace and Gromit.
  • SpongeBob writes Patrick as PATRICK, but then it says the original Patrick without the letters capitalized.
  • When Mrs. Puff says, "As if I really look like this," The "poo-poo" is on the wrong side.
  • When Patrick enters the supply closet, the light bulbs are really short. When Patrick climbs the piles of light bulb, the light bulbs stacked really high. But when he goes downhill, it becomes normal.
  • This is the second time Patrick says "You're welcome." to a sarcastic thank you. The first time was in Band Geeks.



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