Princess Pearl

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Princess Pearl

Not to be confused with the other Princess Pearl.

Princess Pearl was the lovely daughter of ruler of Bikini Bottomshire King Krabs. She was kidnapped while explaining that SpongeBob and Patrick could be the prophesy that was explained in the glass painting above King Krabs. Shortly after Planktonamor used his Dragon Jellyfish to steal her, King Krabs tasked Patrick and SpongeBob with rescuing her. After a long journey and after almost dying at the hands of the dragon, they saved the princess and brought her back to King Krabs. Because this was the only medieval episode, she was only seen in the episode Dunces and Dragons.

[edit] Family

[edit] Looks

Princess Pearl looks pretty much like the Pearl of the present. She wears a huge pink dress and a cone hat, and her hair is not a ponytail. Otherwise, the rest of her is exactly the same as Pearl.

Dunces and Dragons

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