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Patricia was an alter ego of Patrick. Patrick disguised himself when he thought that he was being sent out of town. He became a waitress at the Krusty Krab, but was getting fed up with Squidward and Mr. Krabs when they tried to date her. Finally, Patricia revealed that she was really Patrick. Because of this, Mr. Krabs fired him. The Alter Ego's first appearance was in the episode: That's No Lady. Also, she made an appearance in the video game Nicktoons Unite!

[edit] Looks

  • 'Patricia' has a blonde wig with 2 pony tails tied with purple scrunchies, and a green top and matching pants. She has makeup, light purple eye shadow, and red lipstick.

[edit] Fish who had a crush on Patricia

SpongeBob says to Mr. Krabs, about Patricia, "Quite an appetite, but she's all woman."

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