Karate Island (Episode)

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Karate Island
Titlecard-Karate Island.jpg

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Episode No.: 71b
Season: 4
Airdate: 12 May 2006
Previous Episode: Whale of a Birthday
Next Episode: All that Glitters
Characters Voice actors
SpongeBob SquarePants Tom Kenny
Squidward Tentacles Rodger Bumpass
Sandy Cheeks Carolyn Lawrence
Filthy Phil, one of the fighting experts Sandy has to fight

© Viacom

"Karate Island" is an episode from Season 4.


[edit] Plot

The episode starts with SpongeBob receiving a letter with a video in it from the local postman. SpongeBob inserts the video and it says that SpongeBob is invited to Karate Island to be crowned "King of Karate". SpongeBob is excited and brags about it to Sandy, Sandy decides to come with SpongeBob to "Check It Out".

When they arrive, they hop off the boat and proceed to meet a supposed "Karate Legend". He invites them both in and continues to tell SpongeBob that he is truly the King of Karate. Sandy becomes suspicious when the supposed Karate Legend tells SpongeBob to sit on his throne leaving Sandy to sit on a small wooden chair. Sandy then talks to SpongeBob about him being the supposed "King of Karate". SpongeBob keeps bragging about his accomplishment, which makes Sandy angry and causes her to leave. Suddenly, metal cuffs surround SpongeBob's hands and trap him from escaping.

finally, the supposed Karate legend tells SpongeBob that he is here to sell real estate into buying the condos on Karate Island. It is revealed after the sentence that the island is called Condo Island. SpongeBob Screams help while Sandy,(who is almost at the boat) turns around and says "SpongeBob needs no help, he's the "King Of Karate". SpongeBob yells out and says that he needs help so Sandy replies and says "I'm comin' to get ya SpongeBob" and she runs towards the condos that SpongeBob is trapped in.

Sandy makes it to the building and she finds The Tickler, wanting to tickle her sack for money. Sandy had to beat his tip to proceed and make it to the top were SpongeBob was being held captive. She defeated him by throwing numerous jelly filled donuts at him. In the next floor, Sandy faced off against Lip Service, who was going to kiss her with her massive lips to keep her at the other end of the room. She defeated her by using a hair dryer and chapping her lips. Victorious again, Sandy went to the next floor to face Filthy Phil (aka O.G. Mudbone). He released his horrible body oder through pores of his body, but Sandy was not affected by this because the scent could not penetrate her huge dome. Surprised, Phil accidentally smelled some his own stink, and he passed out. Sandy then got to the floor where the fake King of Karate and The Conman are. Sandy and Udon had a huge fight that could have ended up either way. Sandy emerged victorious and threw Udon out of the window, falling into the shallow ocean. SpongeBob was thankful and apologized to Sandy saying that he was not what he said he was. Sandy and SpongeBob leave Condo Island. The last scene ends with Squidward ariving to the island claiming to him self that the "King of Clarinets" is here, and had came when he heard that Sandy beat Udon.

[edit] Trivia/Goofs

  • This is the second episode to show blood. The first was Dying For Pie, and the third would be Born To Be Wild.
  • This episode is posthumous for Pat Morita who voiced Udon in this episode and died before the episode's release.
  • Karate Island is voted by many fans as the most popular SpongeBob episode ever. Karate Island was voted Episode #1 in the Best day Ever Marathon in the U.S.
  • Master Udon says that Sandy must first pass four levels, but she only goes through three. Perhaps Master Udon is the fourth level.
  • When Sandy is throwing jelly donuts in the Tickler's mouth, that plate starts out full, and then it starts to get empty. But then when it shows the plate again, it's full.
  • When Sandy defeats Master Udon, she says, "You're in the soup now, Udon!" Udon is a type of wheat-based noodle eaten in Japan and often used to make soup.
  • This is Jennete McCurdy's favorite episode from The Ultimate SpongeBob Sponge Bash.
  • Udon locked SpongeBob into a chair. However when Sandy defeats Udon, SpongeBob walks over to Sandy with no explanation of how he escaped, but only his hands were locked so its possible that SpongeBob simply squeezed his hands out of the cuffs and escaped, or he had detached his limbs and regrew them.
  • The Tickler speaks like a Japanese martial arts expert usually does in late-20th century Japanese movies and TV shows, where the words he speaks trail his lip movements.
  • The title card was shown in the video that SpongeBob got from the mailman, this episode's art card designers has wrote letters and send them on enevelopes and putting stickers and e-mail adresses on them. Each one has saying "Hey! We used the same title card in the video SpongeBob got from the mailfish".
  • 2 hand signal parodies are seen in this episode:
    • When Sandy is getting out of the cage, she uses a series of hand signals, which refer to the popular anime/manga Naruto.
    • Her last hand signal is an Aura Hand, a reference to the Japanese TV series Hikari Sentai Maskman.
  • This marks the third time Sandy wears her bikini underwater since Pressure and Procrastination. The fourth time would be in A Flea in Her Dome and the fifth would be Someone's in the Kitchen with Sandy.
  • When SpongeBob and Sandy arrived, the boat sank. But when they came out to leave, the boat was there again.
  • This episode uses elements from the classic Bruce Lee film, Game of Death, such as the manner in which Udon falls from the top floor of the tower, similar to how Dr. Land does so in Game of Death. Sandy also wears the same black and yellow jumpsuit that Bruce Lee had worn, and the four floors with an opponent Sandy had to get through is a reference to the same movie.
  • This is the third time Sandy is shown muscular. The first was in MuscleBob BuffPants. The second was in Christmas Who?.
  • This is the first time Unknown Tracks 3 plays in the background.
  • How did Squidward know it was the island he was looking for? If he was going for King of Clarinets, the island should have been called Clarinet Island. However the sign said Karate Island.

[edit] Characters

[edit] Transcript

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