Invisible Spray

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Invisible Spray

Invisible Spray is an item from Palace of Pranks. Frank (the owner) has been saving the item for a real prankster. Invisible Spray costs $1 at Palace of Pranks, and it can make anything disappear if sprayed. The item can also stain clothes (however, when it is sprayed on SpongeBob and Patrick's clothes they just disappear). This caused a downfall for SpongeBob and Patrick when they tried to scare people with the spray, and as a result they were embarrassed brutally. The spray will wear off if it comes into contact with water. It causes clothes to stain, which is why SpongeBob and Patrick decided against keeping them on.

[edit] Design

The Invisible Spray can displays a red words that says Invisible Spray. In the background of the writing is a yellow blast star and it shows well. The Bottle's main background is a purple-blue color and surrounding it are weakly drawn stars. The lid is red and you press it to make the invisible Spray trigger. There is an orange box under the letters that says, Danger! and lines of scribbles that stand for words.

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