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SpongePedia is a wiki that shows detailed descriptions on anything and everything to do with the SpongeBob SquarePants (TV Show). It has exactly 2,722 detailed articles only about places, characters, restaurants, housing, and much more about the show.


Basic Info


The SpongePedia users higly recommend to advertise this site anywhere you find it to make it more popular >>>> Make Posters, link it on forums, tell your friends to make SpongePedia the best it can be!


It you have any questions about the SpongePedia, then put a question or comment on the talk pages of one of the users here.

Editing and More

IF you want to make a page better then simply click the [Edit] button and start writing. It is very simple. If you are stuck then go to the SpongePedia:Portal and check out the help pages on the right hannd side for more help.


If any pages have been vandalised... then the WHOLE computer will be block from being able to access the site. Vandalism is a bad thing, and the punishment WILL be huge.


There are many users on the SpongePedia and we reccommend to create an account for free so we know that you like the SpongeBob SquarePants (Tv Show).

User Page and Discussion

You can add discussions to any page by pressing the 'Discussion' button. You can write questions or comments about the page, and on a user discussion, questions and comments about there article. Every user should have auser page which is a good idea becuse it can show your articles you have done. You can add pics, templates, info about yourself and more.


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