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Mrs. Puff
Species: Pufferfish
Address: Bikini Bottom, Mrs. Puff's House
First Appearance:
Favorite Foods:
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Mrs. Puff is SpongeBob's driving instructor. SpongeBob "drives" her crazy. He is the only student in her class who has been staying at her school for several years due to his failure. She doesn't like talking about her husband, Mr. Puff, who unfortunately was turned into a lamp cover. Mr. Krabs has a mayor relationship with Mrs. Puff and went on a couple of dates with her. She is voiced by Mary Jo Catlett. Mrs. Puff is a minor character on the show, but still has big roles in few episodes. Mrs. Puff is the eighth main character of the show.


[edit] Personality

Mrs. Puff is SpongeBob's favorite boating teacher and Mrs. Puff doesn't really like SpongeBob. Mrs. Puff is one of the two well-known characters who would want to get arrested just to be away from Spongebob, the other one being Squidward. She lives in a pink house that was visited three times. She has been crushed and fell in love of Mr. Krabs. Mrs. Puff gives Mr. Krabs lots of money. In the episode Krusty Love, she gives him three bills and in The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie, she paid $9.00 to see the ceremony of the Krusty Krab 2. In Season #1, Mrs. Puff had a very minor role, and the only big role she was fit for in Season One was her first appearance, Boating School. Mrs. Puff also probably knows some Texas history because of her cameo in the episode: Texas.

Mrs. Puff visits the Krusty Krab a few times, but only seen rarely. The first was in the episode: Texas and the second was Krusty Love. She loves to eat Krabby Patties with the cheese. SpongeBob becomes such a painful alarm to her that she also thought she was making SpongeBob take the boating exam, but in other words, destroying the entire city when she was having lunch. It is unknown how many students are in her class. She doesn't have the same school design all the time. She also is the most blaming target for anyone in Bikini Bottom when it comes to SpongeBob destroying the city many times.

she doesn't draw nice

She also is mostly found in Mrs. Puff's Boating School. In Boating School, SpongeBob failed only 39 times. In No Free Rides, SpongeBob had failed an entire trimester of destroying Bikini Bottom. In Driven to Tears, SpongeBob flunked 58 times. In the episode, Mrs. Puff, You're Fired, SpongeBob flunked more than 1,258,058 times but only as a long term gag. SpongeBob only gets F on all of his tests except when Sergent Roderick the shark comes and improves his skill, only a little bit. He still manages to fail the test that would've gotten him his license. In Boat Smarts, she shows a video how to be a good driver with SpongeBob as the bad one, and Squidward as the good one.

Mrs. Puff is also famous for her puffing up. In few times when SpongeBob hits something, Mrs. Puff pops out like a really big puffer fish and talks in a very deep manly voice for example "Oh SpongeBob, why??". Poor Mrs. Puff is also forced to receive complaining and bad attitude yelling from Fred, who is famous for yelling and complaining "MY LEG!” She also has been part of Squidward's Band in Band Geeks. Mrs. Puff has also been doomed to stay with SpongeBob for another whole year; Mrs. Puff decides to give him extra credit.

Patrick is with Mrs. Puff on the cake while during the ballfight.

Mrs. Puff has a snail that looks just like Snellie. However, the snail is not Snellie. The snail was raised by Mrs. Puff since she was a little girl, and then the snail was stuck on top of a tree. SpongeBob rescued him as in The Sponge Who Could Fly. However, the snail is never mentioned again like Snellie. Squidward must not know about that snail.

She also wants to be a water-color artist, as seen in Mrs.Puff, You're Fired, despite the fact that she lives underwater, which means only crayons and markers are available to draw with rather than paint or watercolor underwater. She can draw pictures very real, and she can draw really fast. In No Free Rides she was arrested and when SpongeBob gave his liscence back, Mrs. Puff believing she'll be in jail offers SpongeBob to be in Mrs. Flounder's class now, which SpongeBob turned down saying that the Warden said she'll let her go if she gave "Free Driving Lessons"

In Pet or Pests, she is freaked out by looking at the baby worms that SpongeBob is offering.

[edit] Looks

Mrs. Puff has yellow hair. She has numerous holes and black eyes. She always wears a small blue hat. She wears a red shirt with ties, blue bikini and shirt, and also has some boots. She also is large, but she's not fat or overweight. It's just that she's a pufferfish, but when she blows she expands. Usually, she often wears prisoner clothes because she goes to jail often. She also has blue fins.

[edit] Jailtime and Crime

Mrs. Puff has gone to Bikini Bottom Jail 8 times in the series. Here is the current list:

  • In Hall Monitor, when SpongeBob destroyed half of Bikini Bottom, she was sentenced to jail for at least 6 months.
  • In Doing Time, she got arrested for a long time because of SpongeBob.
  • In No Free Rides, she'd have to spend another year with SpongeBob SquarePants, so she stole SpongeBob's new car. Then, she got arrested for crashing it into a Police Car. But the warden agrees to release her if she will give free boating lessons.
  • In Ditchin, she goes back to jail and sentenced for one week for ditching jury duty.
  • In Summer Job, she goes to jail for littering. She goes to jail for about 2 days.
  • In Oral Report, she goes to jail for letting SpongeBob run loose without a boating license.
  • In Patrick-Man!, she goes to jail for trying to steal a boat (after reading the note saying "Kops!! this is Bote THEEF" from Patrick-Man).
  • In Bumper to Bumper, she goes to jail for crossing the county line, violating her parole and voiding SpongeBob's driver's license.

[edit] Mrs. Puff's Boating School

main article: Mrs. Puff's Boating School

Mrs. Puff's Boating School usually has only one classroom, although it has been shown as an entire school. Mrs. Puff's classroom had at least 3 entrances, but all of them were broken when Sergeant Roderick threw 3 students through the doors without opening them. Mrs.Puff usually teaches about boating and driving and then let the students pass the exam(except for Spongebob). The school has many rules, and many students in its time. SpongeBob is the longest known student, but many other people such as Patrick and Flats the Flounder have attended.

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