Primate Sponge

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Primate Sponge

The Primate Sponge is seen in the episode: SB-129. He and his friend Prehistoric Starfish are not very smart because they did not have any common sense but they could understand Squidward when he said "Give me those loin cloths". They met the present Squidward but they cannot talk so they communicated in different ways.

[edit] Character

This character lived during the time of B.C. (before comedy). Primate Sponge is low on intelligence due to the fact that he is a neanderthal like creature. He is not to be confused with SpongeGar.

[edit] Trivia

  • Primate Sponge is believed to be one of SpongeBob SquarePants' ancestors.
  • Primate Sponge is very similar to SpongeBob's other ancestor, SpongeGar, except that SpongeGar can at least talk, but not like SpongeBob can.
  • Primate Sponge came before SpongeGar.
  • Unlike SpongeBob and SpongeGar, Primate Sponge does not have any pets.
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