Mini Squidward

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Mini Squidward
Species: Puppet
Color: Aqua
Height: Small
First Appearence: Squid Wood
Interests: Taking Squidward's Life including free dancing and playing clarinet
Friends: SpongeBob

Everyone At The Krusty Krab

Mini Squidward is a puppet like version of Squidward. He makes his first appearance in the episode Squid Wood. SpongeBob is the creator of Mini Squidward. He was made so when Squidward did not want to play, SpongeBob could play with Mini Squidward. When SpongeBob first tells Squidward about his little invention, Squidward likes the idea of Mini Squidward. But after he starts to take over Squidward's life Squidward begins a dislike of him. When Mini Squidward takes the Squidward's job and everything that goes with it, a man shows up and takes Mini Squidward away to become rich and famous.Unfortunately, Squidward was crying,because the man took Mini Squidward instead of Squidward. As soon as Mini Squidward goes, SpongeBob makes Mini SpongeBob.

[edit] Looks

Mini Squidward looks like Squidward with a brown shirt and has an aqua colored skin. He also looks very much like a puppet. The only real difference is that he is small and the real Squidward is normal sized. His mouth can move and he has a few wrinkles on his head but looks better than Squidward.

[edit] Personality

His Personality is very kind and wonderful than Squidward (To the customers) He loves playing games with SpongeBob like Charades. He is very very great at Charades while SpongeBob loses. He is bothered when Patrick confuses him to be the real Squidward.

[edit] Trivia

  • Just like Mini Squidward, Squilliam Fancyson is also better than Squidward, to his dismay...
  • His brother could be Little Squiddy from The Paper.
  • Patrick thinks that Mini Squidward shaved his "beard" and worked out.
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