Nautical Nonsense & Sponge Buddies (DVD)

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Nautical Nonsense & Sponge Buddies

© Nickelodeon / Viacom

Content: Episodes through Seasons 1-3
Language: English
Rating: G/NR
Release Date: March 12, 2002

Nautical Nonsense & Sponge Buddies is a SpongeBob DVD that contains 10 Episodes from Season 1-3.

Episode List

Titlecard Title Description
Titlecard Ripped Pants.jpg
Ripped Pants SpongeBob unwittingly rippes his pants. The first times it's fun, but later he goes over the top and is the beach's biggest loser because he loses his friend Sandy.
Titlecard Jellyfishing.jpg
Squidward is in a wheelchair, so SpongeBob and Patrick want to make Squidward's best day ever. The Highlight is to go Jellyfishing with Squidward.
Squidward accidentally ends up in the future. He then meets things like SpongeTron and Patron and Primate Sponge and Prehistoric Starfish
Titlecard Texas.jpg
Sandy is homesick. So SpongeBob and Patrick make a plan to prevent it.
SpongeBob wants Plankton to have "F.U.N.".
Titlecard Graveyard Shift.jpg
Graveyard Shift
Mr. Krabs opens the Krusty Krab 24 hours a day, while SpongeBob is told of the "Hash-Slinging Slasher."
Titlecard Something Smells.jpg
Something Smells
SpongeBob creates a dastardly sundae that causes terrible smelling breath, causing people to flee when he comes near him. Trusting him, SpongeBob goes to Patrick, where he convinces him that he's ugly.
Titlecard-Dying For Pie.jpg
Dying for Pie
SpongeBob eats a pie that turns out to be a bomb. Convincing Squidward that SpongeBob has only 24 hours to live, he tries to make his last moments worth his while.
Titlecard Wormy.jpg
Sandy hires SpongeBob and Patrick to babysit her pets, including: The Wormy. After a day of fun, Wormy turns into a butterfly that rampages the streets of Bikini Bottom. This causes the citizen to freak out in a frenzy.
Titlecard Club SpongeBob.jpg
Club SpongeBob SpongeBob and Patrick are in a tree house when Squidward comes in and get flung off into a kelp forest.

Special Features

  • "Violent Femmes Sing SpongeBob SquarePants" Music Video
  • "Backstage Pants" Featurette extra
  • More SpongeBob Secrets:
    • Show design
    • Drawing characters
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