Tentacle Acres

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Tentacle Acres

Tentacle Acres is a place for most octopi to live in. Squidward went there after being annoyed by SpongeBob and Patrick in the episode: Squidville (the population is unknown) It seems that other octopi in tentacle acres are not fond of reef blowers.


[edit] Security

Security is strong at Tentacle Acres. Only Octopi are allowed. When SpongeBob and Patrick went there to apologize to Squidward, though, they got in because Patrick's bad breath knocked the guards out, and one of them accidentally hit the open button with his head.

[edit] Design/Demographics

There is a big gate in front of Tentacle Acres. It is made out of gold with a sign TENTACLE ACRES in pink ink on top of the gate. Inside Tentacle Acres are many Easter Island head houses, facilities and parks. The shop, Full of Health, even has Canned Bread (Squidward's Favorite) and other items. There is even a dance place called Interpretive Dance Academy where anyone can join and a Clarinet trio. There are many more facilities. There is also a field where people can have Reef Blowers and play Croquet.

[edit] Advertising and Promotion

They use an advertisement to promote. Squidward sees it when the TV falls on the ground because SpongeBob and Patrick destroyed his house. Squidward turns on the TV and the show appeared on some channel. Click here for full transcript.

[edit] Residents

[edit] Trivia/Goofs

  • When Squidward went to Tentacle Acres, he had a daily routine that he repeated for a fortnight. First he rode his bike like all of the other octopi and then visited the local supermarket, Full of Health, where he is only known to have bought Canned Bread. Afterwards, he went to the Interpretive Dance Academy and danced with other octopi. Then he went to the bandstand and joined the clarinet trio.
  • Slogan of Tentacle Acres: "Where happiness is just a suction cup away!" The announcer said that after Squidward changed the channel, just after Patrick said: "I hate this channel!"
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