10 Happiest Moments (DVD)

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10 Happiest Moments
10 Happiest Moments.jpg

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Content: 11 episodes from Season 1, Season 2, Season 3, Season 5
Language(s): English
Rating: General
Running Time: Unknown
Release Date(s): September 14, 2010
Disc Amount: 1

10 Happiest Moments is a SpongeBob DVD that contains 11 episodes from Season 1, Season 2, Season 3 and Season 5.


[edit] Episodes

[edit] Season 1

No. Titlecard Title Description
Titlecard Tea at the Treedome.jpg
Tea at the Treedome
SpongeBob makes Sandy Cheeks an acquaintance. Sandy wants SpongeBob to come in to her Treedome, but SpongeBob doesn't know the word "air", and he and Patrick are nearly dried.
Titlecard Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy.jpg
Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy
Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy are SpongeBob's favorite heroes. As SpongeBob hears that they are retired, he wants them to re-become super heroes and SpongeBob tries a lot of things for that.
Titlecard-Culture Shock.jpg
Culture Shock
Since a while, the Krusty Krab has had no customers, so Mr. Krabs plans a talent show. Squidward is in charge.
Karate Choppers.jpg
Karate Choppers
SpongeBob and Sandy's Karate causes chaos at the Krusty Krab. Mr. Krabs orders SpongeBob to stop, but he and Sandy just can't stop fighting and SpongeBob gets fired!

[edit] Season 2

No. Titlecard Title Description
Titlecard Graveyard Shift.jpg
Graveyard Shift
Mr. Krabs opens the Krusty Krab 24 hours a day, while SpongeBob is told of the "Hash Slinging Slasher."
Titlecard Christmas Who?.jpg
Christmas Who?
Sandy tells SpongeBob about Christmas customs, and he teaches the town of Bikini Bottom about Christmas. When Santa doesn't come, the citizens shun him and Squidward makes fun of him, but he makes a gift for him and pretends to be Santa. But when the citizens notice him, Squidward has to keep up the act!

[edit] Season 3

No. Titlecard Title Description
Titlecard The Algae's Always Greener.jpg
The Algae's Always Greener To get the Krabby Patty formula, Plankton switches lives with Mr. Krabs (also getting rid of Mr Krabs).
Titlecard Just One Bite.jpg
Just One Bite SpongeBob tries to give Squidward a Krabby Patty to eat because he has never had one.
Titlecard No Weenies Allowed.jpg
No Weenies Allowed SpongeBob wants to get into the Salty Spitoon, the toughest club in Bikini Bottom. But the bouncer, Reg, tells him to go to Weenie Hut Juniors.

[edit] Season 5

No. Titlecard Title Description
86 86a.jpg Roller Cowards SpongeBob and Patrick are excited about the Fiery Fist O' Pain, "The Scariest Roller Coaster Ever", but their emotions change soon afterwards.
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