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Sandy caught Wormy

Wormy is a caterpillar which is shown in the episode of the same name. Wormy is found inside the Treedome when Sandy leaves from a Holiday. Wormy becomes SpongeBob and Patrick's best friend. They play a variety of games together including hide-and-seek and tag. Wormy gets given a badge that says best friend (meaning SpongeBob and Patrick’s best friend). One night when SpongeBob and Patrick are sleeping wormy turns into a cocoon, then a butterfly. The next morning when SpongeBob and Patrick come back there is no Wormy, he is a butterfly. The "Monster-butterfly" of Bikini Bottom until Sandy "rescues" the town. Wormy caused the whole town to be destroyed including the signs and stores...

[edit] Life

The life of Wormy is only seen in Wormy and his life as a caterpillar was short until he turned into a butterfly but he was not seen any more after that.

[edit] Looks

Wormy: top caterpillar, bottom Butterfly

He is green as a caterpillar until he transforms into a butterfly. When he turns into a butterfly he has:

  • A black/brown body.
  • Orange wings but with a black outline.
  • Black Marks on the wings.
  • The close up of the butterfly shows the head of a buzzing horsefly, which some people hate.
  • Maybe a monarch butterfly, another kind of poisonous orange and black butterfly, or the kind that disguises as one.

[edit] Trivia

  • Wormy has also been seen in some SpongeBob video games.
  • Wormy has been in many places in Bikini Bottom, but he never went into SpongeBob's House, Squidward's House, Plankton's House, Mr. Krabs' House, Mrs. Puff's House or Patrick's House.
  • Wormy or Sandy's other pets have never been seen again in the series.
  • Wormy is a parody of Mothra, a moth monster in the Godzilla films although attacked like Godzilla.
  • It's butterfly species form is probably Danaus plexippus (Monarch Butterfly).
  • Wormy looks much more like a worm than a caterpillar.
  • During the news flash about the "monster," the live-action stock footage shown suggests that Wormy is actually a female butterfly, due to the thick veins on its wings.
  • The picture for Wormy the butterfly was a real butterfly.
  • Wormy lived from February 7, 2001 - October 4, 2003.
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