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Episode No.: 34b
Season: 2
Airdate: 21 January 2002
Previous Episode: Welcome to the Chum Bucket
Next Episode: The Secret Box
Characters Voice actors
SpongeBob SquarePants Tom Kenny
Patrick Star Bill Fagerbakke
Squidward Tentacles Rodger Bumpass
Gary Tom Kenny





At sea, an artist is drawing a sketch, when he accidentally drops his pencil into the sea. The rule of the artist at sea number 1: Always bring a spare pencil. SpongeBob and Patrick are playing 'Rock, Paper, Scissors' using bubbles, when the pencil shoots down like a missile and slams on the ground, making a small crater. SpongeBob draws a jellyfish, then it comes alive. They realize that it's a magic pencil, and wreak havoc on poor Squidward. SpongeBob then draws DoodleBob, a sketch version of himself. DoodleBob wreaks havoc (he steals the magic pencil) until SpongeBob erases him (the eraser end of the pencil is capable of erasing anything, not just drawings). However, the arm is still there, and in the night, it steals the pencil and draws itself. The pencil is snapped in half (DoodleBob has the eraser and SpongeBob has the pencil), then SpongeBob presumes that they both have equal power. DoodleBob sharpens his half, so he has an eraser and a pencil. He is finally trapped inside a book (he sticks to paper), and the page is framed on a wall. The pencil is propelled back to the artist. He grabs it and continues drawing, but the lead snaps. The rule of the artist at sea number 2: Always bring a pencil sharpener.


  • The actor who plays the artist is Doug Lawrence, who also provides the voice for Plankton and Larry the Lobster and other characters on the show and has co-written many SpongeBob episodes as well (as Mr. Lawrence).
  • The title is a spoof on both Frankenstein and Doodle.
  • The person who voiced DoodleBob is Dee Bradley Baker, one of the many people who do additional voices on the show.
  • At first, SpongeBob calls his creation "DoodleBoy" but later calls him DoodleBob, probably a reference to SpongeBob's original name.
  • Pencils cannot sink to the bottom of the sea, because they are buoyant.
  • DoodleBob also appeared in Nicktoons Unite.
  • When the scream got closer, DoodleBob's eyes had been outlined.
  • The game Drawn to Life: SpongeBob SquarePants Edition is based of this episode.


Transcript for Frankendoodle

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