Prehistoric Starfish

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Prehistoric Starfish

Prehistoric Starfish is seen in SB-129. He has no common-sense because he lived about 2 million years ago from the SpongeGar era. He also lived in the B.C. (Before Comedy) era. His ancestor was Preprehistoric Patrick Fish.

[edit] Brains

Prehistoric Starfish was not very smart. He could not talk as said earlier because their language was very strange and mixed up. He also holds Jellyfish until he gets stung which hurts him, but he does not care. He is not to be confused with Patar. When the family goes along, everybody gets smarter. Like: Prehistoric Starfish (dumb), Patar (bit smarter), etc. And he doesn't wear his spotted coutfit, but he wears a cloth below his belly.

[edit] Looks

Primate Patrick has big teeth, a loin cloth, and a big mouth. He's pink like Patrick and Patar but looks quite different from Patar and Patrick. His gums are blue. He has 2 big bottom teeth.

[edit] Trivia

  • Prehistoric Patrick came before Patar.
  • Prehistoric Patrick is Patar and Patrick's ancestor.
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