Bubble Buddy (Character)

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Bubble Buddy
Species: Animated Bubble
Address: 1234 Washtub Wy, Soapy Waters, Bikini Bottom
Color: Transparent
Interests: Anything that interests SpongeBob
Friends: Only SpongeBob
Enemies: Everyone but SpongeBob and Shiny
First Appearance: Bubble Buddy
Latest Appearance: Bubbletown
  • His bubble bottle
  • SpongeBob (Genetic)
  • Shiny
  • His Wife

This article is about the character. For the episode, click here.

Bubble Buddy is a character shown in the episodes: Bubble Buddy and Bubble Buddy Returns. He also appears in a couple of SpongeBob Video Games, including Battle for Bikini Bottom and the Movie Game. When SpongeBob blows Bubble Buddy up, he just looks like four thick bubbles that are joined together.


[edit] Looks at the Beginning

Bubble Buddy does not look like much at first. he only has two arms like bubbles, two legs like bubbles, an average size body bubble and a head.

Near the end of the episode Bubble Buddy, When Squidward is about to poke Bubble buddy with a pin (to pop him) Bubble Buddy reaches and grabs Squidward’s hand and stops him.

[edit] Looks at the End

After Bubble Buddy stops Squidward, Bubble Buddy pops up a suitcase and puts on a fedora hat (which both are bubbles) and walks into a bubble taxi that then he "drives" away in.

[edit] Personality

According to the episode, Bubble Buddy is extremely fussy. SpongeBob was constantly telling Squidward to change the patties so they would be to Bubble Buddies liking. After eating at the Krusty Krab, the two friends go to the lovely Goo Lagoon. They cause serious amounts of trouble like staying in the 'Port O Head' for 2 hours, making people have to wait with numerous drink sellers beside them, and indirectly insulting some weight lifters. He also ends up drowning Scooter (comes back in later episodes) and offending people. Unfortunately, the town of Bikini Bottom had enough of Bubble Buddy and they all tried to pop him. He survived though, and eventually has a family, including a son, Shiny. He lives in 1234 Washtub Wy, Soapy Waters.

[edit] Orders at the Krusty Krab

At the Krusty Krab Bubble Buddy orders:

  • One of every thing
  • One of the Krusty Krab's finest shampoo
  • A bendy straw (a regular straw that Squidward bends in half)
  • Diet Shampoo
  • No cheese (because he is lactose intolerant)
  • Crusts cut off
  • Ketchup under the patty
  • Pickles on the left side
  • Four squirts of ketchup
  • Wheat buns
  • Non dairy lettuce
  • Farm raised tomatoes (Carnival style)

[edit] As it Appears

  • Squidward makes the dough himself
  • New patties
  • Correct measurements
  • Back massage

Bubble Buddy also pays Mr. Krabs in Bubble Money: He paid him (bubble) $100 + a tip.

[edit] Trivia

  • The iTunes description for Season 8 said that Bubble Buddy would visit SpongeBob in a new episode, known as Bubble Buddy Returns, and when it aired, he made his first appearence since Season 2.
  • Multiple Bubble Buddies appear as items in the Nick.com flash game Dutchman's Dash.
  • Bubble Buddy went on vacation with his apparent wife in Bubble Buddy Returns.
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