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Krabby Land's first appearence
Fort Adventure
Toaster Rodeo

Krabby Land Park was a kiddie theme park made right beside The Krusty Krab. But the objects in the park were either falling apart, or worn down. The cheap park was only seen in the episode: Krabby Land.


The Rides

Krabby Land was a park of horrible quality made out of used junk. Here is a list of rides that were seen at Krabby Land:

  • Fort Adventure: A pair of trash cans, a piece of wood, a wooden sign and some other parts.
  • Hose World: A couple of hoses hung up. One hose dripped water every second.
  • Toaster Rodeo: Some toasters without wires connected to springs.
  • Rocket Ship Fantastica: Pieces of wood that made a swing hanger. A rope was attached to a piece of wood holding a tube, that was suppost to be the 'rocket'. The tube fell because it was large and too heavy for the rope.
  • Tire Swing: Two pieces of wood that looked four feet tall, and that had a rope attached to one, that held a tire.
  • The Slide: A slide that broke easily.
  • Pit of Doom: A bashed in dumpster with the name spray painted on it. It was broke by SpongeBob bouncing.
  • Kelp Ring Swing O: A swing that broke by SpongeBob.
  • Bowling Ball Pit: A pool with bowling balls in it.

Krabby the Clown

Mr. Krabs hands out coloring books/liability waivers, and if the kids hand them in they get to meet Krabby the Clown. This gets the kids' attention. Krabby the Clown's sidekick is the Krabby Patty Burglar, an alter ego of SpongeBob.


When Mr. Krabs announces that 'Krabby the Clown' will be coming to the Krusty Krab, the kids (and SpongeBob) get excited. The kids lose their excitement when Mr. Krabs puts on a blue tomato nose and a polka-dotted green and yellow tie, and then claims to be Krabby the Clown, only to encourage the kids to buy Krabby Patties and spend money. This causes Mr. Krabs to get beaten up by the children.


There was lots of hype with Krabby Land and lots of kids went there. The low quality, cheapness, and it not being fun caused the popularity to drop. One fish tried out the slide, but the slide collapsed from under him.

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