Bubble Buddy (Episode)

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Bubble Buddy
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Episode No.: 23b
Season: 2
Airdate: 16 November 2000
Previous Episode: Big Pink Loser
Next Episode: Dying for Pie
Characters Voice actors
SpongeBob SquarePants Tom Kenny
Patrick Star Bill Fagerbakke
Squidward Tentacles Rodger Bumpass
Mr. Krabs Clancy Brown

This article is about the episode. For the character, click here.

"Bubble Buddy" is an episode from Season 2.




  • Sunday, October 9th




SpongeBob wakes up with a Viking costume on, and exclaims "Hey everybody! It's Leif Erikson Day! Hinga Dinga Durgen!". He moves his bed using an oar, and goes to Patrick's house. He sees a giant note, saying "SpongeBob, went to get more giant paper. Uuuuhh... Patrick. P.S. Happy Leif Ericsson Day! Yer Ha Dinger Jinger!". He wonders if Sandy will play with him, and there is a note on the door of her treedome. It reads "SpongeBob, went South for the winter. Love, Sandy.". SpongeBob says that the water's fine, then realizes that it's snowing in her Treedome. He goes to Squidward's house, and there's another note. It says "no", answering SpongeBob's question of whether he wants to play with him. He also asks whether he's sure, and another note behind it says "yes". He decides to make a buddy, and after trying out Stick Buddy, Rock Buddy and Sink Buddy, he decides to make Bubble Buddy, a humanoid bubble. At the Krusty Krab, SpongeBob asks Squidward to get everything on the menu for Bubble Buddy. However, he says specifications that Squidward has to adhere to, which are:

  • No cheese
  • No crust
  • Ketchup under the patty
  • Pickles on the left side
  • Four squirts of ketchup
  • Wheat buns
  • No dairy products
  • Farm-raised tomatoes
  • Carnival Style

He pays them in bubble-money (which pops), angering Squidward and Mr. Krabs. He angers other people, and on the beach. All the townspeople are fed up with Bubble Buddy and begin to riot. But Squidward steps in and begins to blame SpongeBob and the bubble he has created. All the townspeople try to pop Bubble Buddy with pins. Before the pin reaches him, however, he catches it, and Bubble Buddy comes to life and leaves in a bubble car.


  • The music used during the episode title and opening credits was later used as theme music for the Nicktoons Summer Beach House which ran from the summer of 2002 and 2003.
  • When the episode first aired, the opening titles were shown as was Big Pink Loser. A seconds into Big Pink Loser, it cuts to SpongeBob going to Patrick's house. This was fixed in later airings.
  • In the beginning of the episode, the narrator said SpongeBob made up Leif Erikson Day, but it is actually a real holiday (on October 9th)
  • Squidward cooks perfectly in this episode but in Pickles, Hooky, Nature Pants, The Original Fry Cook and The Algae's Always Greener he makes mistakes or lacks focus.
  • When SpongeBob shouts out "shake that Bubble Butt", Nancy is not there but when Larry and the others complain about what Bubble Buddy said to them ("shake that bubble butt") she is with them upset about it.
  • Captions disappear sometimes in the episode, mostly the beginning.
  • How can Bubble Buddy stay alive that long and not pop?
  • And how come Bubble Buddy didn't come to life earlier and just becomes alive at the end?
  • Scooter appears as an angel after being buried in the sand, hinting that he had drowned it the water. However, how could a fish drown?
  • But somehow, he appears in later episodes! How?


Transcript for Bubble Buddy

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