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A Cake in the shape of Texas

Texas is the state in which Sandy Cheeks lived in. It plays a big role in the episode Texas when SpongeBob and Patrick were making fun of it so they could get her to the Krusty Krab so they could get her to stay in Bikini Bottom. In Pranks a Lot, the state can be seen when Sandy goes back. Sandy was born in Texas.

Sandy enjoyed pecan pies, barbecues, square dancing, wrangling bulls and worms there.

Sandy went to Texas in the episode A Flea in Her Dome where she went to a scientist's convention and caught a flea. It is also possible she went here in the episode Wormy.


[edit] Culture of Texas

In the cartoon, Texas has the following things as evidenced in the Welcome Home party. However, in "Texas," they "messed" it up:

  • Square Dancing - Flats made a square out of metal and danced with it.
  • Pecan Pies (Peas-in-a-can Pie) - Mrs. Puff, Pearl, and Mr. Krabs made a pie and stuffed an open can of peas in the center.
  • Barbecues (Barby-Q) - This is basically cooking, but instead of a barbecue grill, Squidward made a Q out of barbed wire.
  • Ten-Gallon Hats - SpongeBob and Patrick used bottles that could hold 10 gallons as hats.

[edit] Known Inhabitants of Texas

  • Sandy
  • Sandy's Pa
  • Randy

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