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Pearl Krabs
Gender: Female
Species: Whale
Color: Gray
Eye Color: Blue
Age: 22
Weight: Heavy
  • Mama Krabs (Grandmother)
  • Mr. Krabs (Father)
  • Mrs. Krabs (Mother)
  • Papa Krabs (Grandfather)
  • Grandpappy Redbeard (Great-grandfather)
  • Talking on the phone
  • Hanging out with her friends
  • Shopping
  • Going to parties, discos ext.
First Appearence:
Voiced By Lori Alan

Pearl Krabs Born on May 12, 1990 (according to release date of whale of a birthday) is Mr. Krabs grownup Whale Daughter. She loves make-up, boys, fashion, using the word "coral" (which is what Bikini Bottomites say instead of "cool"), and all the things teenaged girls love. Her favorite band is called Boys Who Cry. She is often embarrassed by her father Mr. Krabs. In one episode particularly in episode The Chaperone, SpongeBob takes her to her prom and embarrasses her. Pearl's diet is not very well known because the only time we have seen her eat or drink is in the episodes Best Frenemies when she was shown drinking a Kelp Shake and Growth Spout where she ate alot of random foods.. She is currently 22 years old as explained later.

In another episode, called Whale of a Birthday she has her 16th birthday. When she doesn't get what she wants, she throws whale-sized tantrums. Luckily, SpongeBob buys her lots of presents with Mr. Krabs' credit card. Mr. Krabs rarely gives her a lot of money for her allowance, or spends money on her on her birthdays, because he is so cheap. One huge example was in Krab Borg (Episode) where Mr. Krabs had spare batteries and he was going to give them to Pearl for Christmas. Pearl is the 9th main character of the show. In the episode Bossy Boots, Pearl changed the Krusty Krab to The Kuddly Krab. The Kuddly Krab was like a teen paradise and she enjoyed being the boss until it was cutting in on her social life. Pearl lives with her dad which might mean that Pearl's parents are divorced/separated. (Mr. Krabs constantly says "Mother of Pearl" when he is surprised throughout the series).

Since the episode: Best Frenemies, Pearl had not been seen for the rest of Season 4, Season 5, or the first quarter of Season 6. After that, she was seen 3 other episodes: "The Slumber Party", where she hosts a special party with her friends. She invites Girly TeenGirl but she thinks that she is SpongeBob, which is not true. "Growth Spout" where she has a growth spout and Mr. Krabs has to steal food from friends. Her growth spout ends when SpongeBob makes her a Krabby Patty.


Known Family

Pearl has quite a few members of her family. Here is the known list.



Pearl in school
interesting or boring?
Pearl Krabs is a 22-year old, kind natured sperm whale who is often freaked and annoyed by SpongeBob, and her father, Mr. Krabs. When Pearl is upset she cries, and because she is so big, it is like a lake crashing down on other people. She is very happy when she sees famous or popular people, like the Grubby Grouper and obviously 'Boys Who Cry'. Although she is nice, she is also going through big stages of puberty. This is because she is constantly irritated, angry, annoyed and not always happy. She is always on the phone and in her room, and likes boys, showing that she is getting older and getting to the stage where she is becoming an adult. The only time we see her drinking a KelpShake is because that she is really big, and the producers or creators of SpongeBob probably would have a difficulty trying to make her eat or drink something. Pearl should eat a lot because whales eat a lot. But in Bossy Boots, it is possible that she ate a Salad. In Whale of a Birthday, she ate cake, popcorn, and drank grape soda punch (She likes that). In Squeaky Boots, she might have eaten a birthday cake, but this is not seen. The only time Pearl has ever eaten a really simple edible or portable food is the episode "Growth Spout". She only is seen eating incredible foods in Best Frenemies and Whale of a Birthday.
Pearl's famous cry


Teenage Pearl is a gray whale with scalp bumbs. She has blonde hair, normally worn in a ponytail. Pearl wears pink clothes with a capital 'P' in the middle, obviously meaning 'Pearl'. She has big blue eyes and she wears love heart shaped lipstick, which turns into lips whenever she kisses. Her body size is massive and her head is abnormally big. Pearl's face is also extremely large and she has perfect, white teeth. In her first appearance, Mr. Krabs bought her new shoes... which were actually just fishing boots. Pearl eventually manages to get the modern boots that all her friends have. The boots Mr.Krabs bought for her originally are sold as SpongeBob's Squeaky Boots.

Other things


Pearl growth across the time: Baby Pearl (left), Child Pearl (center) and Teenager Pearl (right).

As Pearl aged, she got bigger and bigger. In the following picture it shows Pearl at 3 stages: Baby, Child and Teen.


The far left image was Pearl as a baby. Pearl was small, with a big head and no lipstick whatsoever. Her body and physique was not shown in the image because cloth was wrapped around her. She had no hair at that time.


The next Middle image was Pearl as a child. Pearl was growing yellow hair and she wore a pink outfit. She had lipstick, her eyes were bigger and she was just small enough to ride a bike.


The image on the far right shows Pearl as a Teenager. Her looks were already explained earlier. She looks pretty much the same as the Child Pearl but more mature. In the Krusty Krab office, Mr. Krabs has lots of photos with Pearl before including Money Talks and Selling Out, even in Culture Shock. In The Algae's Always Greener, a fake photo with Plankton exists in the opposite world or parallel universe.


Pearl Krabs and SpongeBob

Pearl has had a few boyfriends in her first years so far on the show. In the episode The Chaperone, Pearl went to the prom with SpongeBob. This was only because her other boyfriend: Octavius Rex (a.k.a. Long, Tan and Handsome) ditched her. She eventually got over him and she enjoyed SpongeBob's company. SpongeBob was quite annoying but she did warm up to him near the end. Other boyfriends in the series were not shown. She also liked all of her friends boyfriends but in a friend way. Pearl is also in love with Boys Who Cry. She also likes Billy Fishkins.

Pearl with diamonds


  • Pearl is bigger than her father at a young age.
  • In the series, Pearl has never interacted with Mama Krabs, and also her great grandfather, Grandpa Redbeard, but her dad has mentioned him to her. She also hasn't interacted with her father's three little nephews which are also her cousins.
  • Pearl's head is bigger than her body.
  • Pearl usually dislikes her father because he is very cheap and never gives her good parties.
  • Pearl was born in 1992 according to this page and the fact she turned 16 in Whale of a Birthday which premiered in 2006, but The Chaperone premiered in 1999 so Pearl would be 9 in that episode, but she went to the high school prom. It's possible The Chaperone took place in 2005 or later.
  • Pearl is the only so far character that has a huge head.
  • Pearl is one of 3 main characters who has never been arrested.
  • Mr. Krabs probably divorced with Mrs. Krabs and gain custody of their children or probably had a dirvorce with a whale. Or Mr. Krabs could have adopted her when she was a newborn baby. On the other hand, in Whale of a Birthday, when Squidward was nailing the "It's a girl (boy)" banner on the wall, Mr. Krabs said he had it since Pearl was born.



  • Dad!!!
  • Daddy!!!
  • 1 Dollar?, You Hate Me!
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