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The "Welcome To Goo Lagoon" sign.
Valentine's Day Carnival
Mussel Beach
SpongeBob next to a Port-O-Head
The Snack Bar
SpongeBob at the Beach

Goo Lagoon is SpongeBob's main beach, where SpongeBob and his friends hang out. He takes Sandy there sometimes, and Patrick. Nobody ever knows what kind of suprises might come their way at this beach, it is usually different each time. There are many lifeguard towers to keep people safe. It is funny because Larry is only a lifeguard once(at this beach). Some people who go there are Sandy, Larry the Lobster, Don the Whale, Frank and many other fish under the sea. There is a lifeguard service with many helpers, too. It was created in 1913. There are also some places in Goo Lagoon. In Ripped Pants one restaurant, a fish once cooked Krabby Patties! Sandy, Larry the Lobster, Don the Whale, Frank go train there.


[edit] Features, Locations

(Valentine's Day Carnival is a huge carnival seen in the episodes: Valentine's Day, To Love a Patty, Breath Of Fresh Squidward. There is many rides and features although it was destroyed for a while when the Choco Balloon blew up.) There are lots of other places like Juice Bars, Snack bars, Ice Cream stands (Lou runs it), Frizbee Places, Mount Climb up and Fall off and many lifeguard towers.

(Mussel beach is misspelled as Mussel because a mussel is a type of creature, and it is a weight area. Many of the toughest sea creatures hang out there!)

A snack shack showed in a couple of episodes including MuscleBob BuffPants, Ripped Pants, and talked about on SpongeGuard on Duty.

This is practically the same as Snack Bar, but a different structure and look.

  • Goo Lagoon Pier

A location in Spongebob Squarepants Battle for Bikini Bottom.

[edit] Other Places

[edit] Competitions

  • The Weightlifting Competition (A Huge Weightlifting Competition)
  • The Surfing Competition (A Surfing Competition where anyone is allowed)
  • The Anchor Toss Competition (An extremely hard competition, lifting anchors!)
  • The Sand Castle Competition (Make a sand castle!)
  • The Annual Hot Dog Chug (Scooter enters this competition)
  • The Roll Hurl Competition
  • The Rodeo Rampage competition (stay on a horse the longest)
  • The Best Goo Ice Cream Sauce competition (make the best goo sauce for ice cream)

[edit] Trivia

  • Squidward has only visited Goo Lagoon in the goo episode.
  • In most SpongeBob computer games, Goo Lagoon hosts events such as the Valentine's Day Carnival and the Bikini Bottom Carnival.
  • In SpongeGuard on Duty, it is revealed that senior citizens aren't allowed at Goo Lagoon.
  • It seems impossible that there is water underwater. However, in real life, there are areas called brine pools where the salt levels are higher than the surrounding ocean.

[edit] People hanging out in Goo Lagoon

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