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Rocky the Snail

Rocky is a snail that Patrick adopted for the snail's "nerves of steel". Patrick entered Rocky on a snail race competing against SpongeBob's pet snail Gary and Squidward's pet snail Snellie. This rock actually won the Snail Race in the episode: The Great Snail Race.

[edit] Looks

Rocky the "rock" is brown in color and is the same size as a snail (Gary, Snellie and Larry Luciano) It also looks like a scaled down version of Patrick's rock.

[edit] Trivia/Goofs

  • In the episode, Rocky did not move but at the end he was last seen on the finish line.
  • This is Rocky's first and only appearance, it is unknown what Patrick has done to it.
  • According to Patrick, Rocky has "nerves of steel".
  • Patrick must have put Rocky at the finish line.
  • Patrick must have snuck Rocky in the race since that nobody would let a Rock in.
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