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The short term Krabby O' Mondays!
Squidward is finally happy!

Krabby 'O' Mondays was a sports-themed restaurant that took over the Krusty Krab in the episode: Selling Out. The interior was much better quality as it was owned by Howard Blandy, who owns every family owned business except for the Krusty Krab.


[edit] Summary

From the outside the Krabby 'O Mondays looked much the same as it's previous occupant, although the sign was replaced. Inside, the Krabby 'O Mondays was decorated with sports memorabilia and giant flat screen televisions. The chairs, tables and carpets were all rearranged or replaced in favor of more fashionable furnishings. There was also a gimmicky raised section of the dining area, complete with an air hockey table.

SpongeBob and Squidward were the only employees of the franchise. Squidward in particular despised his new boss Carl, deeming his attitude strange and his motivational methods questionable, a rational judgment most tangible in the sheer volume of the employee manuals. However, human resources successfully intimidated Squidward into not voicing his displeasure. Squidward had to smile every second, and he did NOT like that.

[edit] Secrets/Destruction

The Krabby 'O Mondays was eventually revealed to be cutting corners in food production in a dramatic parody of actual fast food restaurants. The restaurant, it can be assumed, chose to favor profit and efficiency over food quality. Instead of a grill, the restaurant used a machine which produced Synthetic Krabby Patties, which turn out to be small grey blobs of trash spray painted to look like actual Krabby Patties. When Mr. Krabs was alerted to this, he clogged the machine with an automated cash register (the existence of which outraged Krabs to no end), and the resulting explosion destroyed the restaurant. Defeated, Howard Blandy sold the land back to Mr. Krabs, who offered to pay full price for the property.

Krabby O' Mondays destroyed!

[edit] Features

  • Sport-like interior.
  • Disgusting Krabby Patties.
  • Employee Manuals.
  • A giant flat-screen television.
  • An air hockey table.
  • Sports Uniform.
  • Appealing outside and inside.
  • Happy employees (some of the time).
  • Human Resources (with a very tough looking fish inside).
  • Automatic cash registers.

[edit] Trivia

  • The name of this restaurant is a parody of T.G.I. Friday's, Ruby Tuesday's and O'Charley's.
  • The disgusting Patties could be a parody of the possible secrets that some fast food restaurants hide from their customers, such as the infamous "pink slime" from McDonald's.
  • The episode and concept is similar to what happened in the episode: Bossy Boots, where Pearl changed the Krusty Krab into The Kuddly Krab.
  • Mr. Krabs should have gotten a huge profit for getting back the Krusty Krab, although he chose not to!
  • Krabby O' Mondays gives you "change" mechanically.
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