Artist Unknown (Episode)

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Artist Unknown
Titlecard Artist Unknown.jpg

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Episode No.: 38b
Season: 2
Airdate: 21 September 2001
Previous Episode: Sailor Mouth
Next Episode: Jellyfish Hunter
Characters Voice actors
SpongeBob SquarePants Tom Kenny
Squidward Tentacles Rodger Bumpass





Squidward starts to teach an art class at the Adult Learning Center, but SpongeBob is the only person who shows up. For Squidward regards himself as an artist and SpongeBob an untalented person, he starts to teach him the basics of art and lets SpongeBob draw a circle. SpongeBob succeeds and creates a perfect circle, which leads to Squidward amazed requesting, how SpongeBob created it. He explains that he first paints the whole painting of a head and then erases all the details. This annoys Squidward, because he notices that SpongeBob is far better than he himself is, and balls up the sheet. SpongeBob, however, takes the balled sheet and creates a sort of origami showing SpongeBob and Squidward making leapfrog. Even more annoyed, Squidward breaks the paper, which again fires SpongeBob's imagination, who now creates a new picture out of the pieces of the sheet.
Squidward now decides to show SpongeBob how to sculpt by explaining to him that he first has to become one with the marble. Then SpongeBob starts to sculpt and creates a perfekt statue with only one stitch. Totally overwhelmed, Squidward glorifies his sculpture but then turns to SpongeBob the next second and tells him that his work is not even near to "art", because such a sculpture would need more time to be created. Depressed, SpongeBob wants to leave, when Monty P. Moneybags enters the room, which causes SpongeBob being kicked out of the building by the slammed door and lands in a garbage can which suddenly is taken to the dump. In the meantime, Moneybags introduces himself to Squidward telling him that he looks for new objects for his art collection. Seeing SpongeBob's sculpture makes Moneybags being overwhelmed by its beauty. This causes Squidward to tell him that he is the artist having built this sculptur. Moneybags buys the sculpture, but when Squidward is carrying it out he accidentally destroys it. Moneybags tells him, simply to create a new one, which causes Squidward to go to SpongeBob and convince him to have another try being taught by him. SpongeBob eventually accepts, but now is not longer able to create masterpieces, because he now follows Squidwards rules how to create art. This makes Squidward go crazy and he destroys the whole classroom. After that he wants to leave when Moneybags appears again, looking for Squidward's new sculpture. He sees the chaos and demands to know who is responsible for that, which makes Squidward saying that it is the garbagefish because of the chaos. What Squidward doesn't know: His rage attack created an even better sculpture than SpongeBob's was.


  • Michelangelo's sculpture, "David" is used in this episode, but they put a shell over him so kids wouldn't judge or have a bad influence.
  • When Squidward gets SpongeBob back in Artist Unknown he says, "Let's start with the circle again," and makes a perfect circle. SpongeBob circles about 4 or 5 times and only one circle comes out.
  • When SpongeBob creates the statue, the right arm of it is tucked behind its back and the left arm is bent with the hand resting on the chin. When the art collector jumps onto the head to remove the nose Squidward placed on it, the arms are switched so that the left arm is behind and the right hand is up on the chin. Then, when the art collector carries the statue out, the arms are back in their original positions.
  • In Artist Unknown, Squidward teaches his art class in the same building as the marching band was practicing in "Band Geeks".
  • This is Monty M.'s first and last appearence.


Episode Transcript: Artist Unknown

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