The Chaperone (Episode)

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The Chaperone
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Episode No.: 12a
Season: 1
Airdate: October 2, 1999
Previous Episode: Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost
Next Episode: Employee of the Month
Characters Voice actors
SpongeBob SquarePants Tom Kenny

The Chaperone is an episode from Season 1.


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Doing the Sponge

[edit] Plot

At the Krusty Krab, Pearl is crying hard out. Mr. Krabs asks her what is wrong, and she replies that her boyfriend (Octavius Rex) has just dumped her, and the prom is tomorrow night. Mr. Krabs suggests taking Squidward or himself to go, however SpongeBob is the one that has to go with her. Pearl hates being embarrassed, and does not want to be embarrassed by SpongeBob, but her wish not to be embarrassed does not get granted. SpongeBob toasted himself, wore artificial legs, and wore a back wig to make himself look "long, tan and handsome" for Pearl. They both go to the prom. At the prom he spills fruit punch everywhere and causes more hilarious disaster wherever his tall sponge-ish legs take him. He can't seem to control his crazy costume and makes Pearl unpopular. SpongeBob, after having broken everything at the prom, runs off into the restroom sobbing and absorbing. A bunch of lady fish run off embarrassed (because he went into the ladies' bathroom), and then Pearl manages to successfully understand SpongeBob's gibberish.

Then she lets him still wear the wig and they do the Sponge Dance. More havoc occurs, including several fish being chased by giant tomatoes and being hauled off, and an angry mob lifts them into the air.

SpongeBob and Pearl think that means they're popular until someone says "Go wreck someone else's prom will ya?". Pearl is very embarrassed. SpongeBob apologizes, then Pearl says even though it was a disaster it was really fun. Then right as they almost embrace and kiss, Mr. Krabs appears, armed with a shovel, and tells SpongeBob not to step on "his flower" on the ground. Pearl once again gets very embarrassed thinking that Mr. Krabs was telling SpongeBob to stay away from Pearl. Pearl tells SpongeBob good night, but SpongeBob is frozen. Later a 2nd SpongeBob arrives and takes the frozen SpongeBob and calls him a dummy.

[edit] Trivia/Goofs

  • It is revealed that Patrick took his mother to his prom.
  • In the episode New Student Starfish, Patrick said he never went to school, meaning he couldn't have gone to the prom. Although, knowing Patrick, it is logically conceivable that "his" prom was in fact a prom ball to which he was never invited.
  • The character Billy Fishkins bears a close resemblance to Napoleon Dynamite.
  • Billy Fishkins' name in the French dub of this episode is Filly Fishskins.
  • SpongeBob plants a flower just like Mr. Krabs' flower in My Pretty Seahorse.
  • Where the tomatoes came from is unknown, and it seemed that more disaster occurred than was actually even possible.
  • The punch turned SpongeBob red, but when he sees Octavius Rex, SpongeBob is yellow again.
  • Running gag: SpongeBob often freezing up & then another SpongeBob appears, revealing the first to be a dummy of himself.
  • One of the anchovies that said to SpongeBob and Pearl, "Go wreck somebody else's prom, will ya?", sounds like Heffer Wolfe, a character from another Nickelodeon series Rocko's Modern Life.

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Transcript for The Chaperone

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