Smitty Werben Man Jensen

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Smitty's Grave
Smitty with his #1 hat

Smitty Werbenmanjensen was the name of a deceased character in the episode One Krab's Trash. Smitty started as a made-up character by Mr. Krabs, but originally named Smitty WerbenYeggermanjensen. Smitty Werbenmanjensen turned out to be an actual person who was buried at the graveyard.


The name first came up when Mr. Krabs fooled SpongeBob into thinking he was being haunted by Smitty's ghost, which was actually a drawing of a ghost on the back of a shopping list hooked on a fishing reel. Mr. Krabs, as the ghost's voice, told SpongeBob that Smitty was the former owner of the #1 soda-dispensing hat which SpongeBob had bought from Mr. Krabs' yard sale earlier in the episode. Krabs had been offered a hefty sum of money by several businessmen who wanted the hat, so he fabricated the story so that SpongeBob would return the hat. SpongeBob then went to the graveyard where he found Smitty Werbenmanjensens's #1 headstone, and put the hat on Smitty's skull. Mr. Krabs then figured out that SpongeBob would do that, so he went to the grave also and attempted to take the hat back. Krabs is successful, but must fight off a zombie Smitty and other living dead in the graveyard.

Life of Smitty

Smitty lived long ago, before Sponge's inhabited Bikini Bottom, back when the world was simpler. Smitty was, forever and always will be, #1. Since he was a boy, smitty ran around with that hat, and despite the large amount made, he was the only one to deserve it.


Smitty: Hey man, that's my hat, give it back!

Mr. Krabs: What? No way. Just crawl back into your hole, bone boy. Go ahead, play dead....

Smitty: I guess I'm gonna have to take it from you.

Mr. Krabs: Yeah, right. You and what army?

Smitty: (eerie moaning) Only the army of the living dead. (Dead Bodies walk towards Mr. Krabs)

Mr. Krabs: Oh, no. I've seen this on the late show. You and yer ghoulish fiends hold me down and take turns nibbling on my innards. Then you eat my brain and leave my body for the buzzards.

Smitty: That's disgusting! We just want the hat back.

Mr.Krabs: Back, back away you!

Smitty: Attack!

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