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DoodleBob with the pencil
Species: Sponge (Drawn)
Address: Bikini Bottom
Gender: Male
Eye Color: White
Color: White


First Appearence: Frankendoodle
Voiced by: Paul Tibbitt
DoodleBob in his Pineapple House
DoodleBob in the book.

DoodleBob is a drawing by SpongeBob SquarePants to prank Squidward Tentacles, but ends up beating him up. DoodleBob then steals the Magic Pencil and creates utter chaos before SpongeBob ultimately defeats him in the end. Frankendoodle was his first appearance in the series, and he has appeared in a few other episodes since then. He also made an appearance in the game Drawn to Life: SpongeBob SquarePants Edition as the main villain.


[edit] History

DoodleBob was drawn by SpongeBob with the Magic Pencil for the "ultimate prank." However, DoodleBob beats up Squidward. He then attacks SpongeBob and Patrick Star and steals the Magic Pencil. In the duo's attempts to get it back, DoodleBob finds more ways to harm them, such as drawing a hole beneath their feet, knocking Patrick out with a bowling ball and a wrench. Eventually, SpongeBob retakes the Magic Pencil and erases almost all of him except for his arm. The arm returns to SpongeBob's house and retakes the Magic Pencil while he's sleeping. DoodleBob then draws the rest of his body again. However, SpongeBob notices and they engage in a heated battle of erasing and drawing back. DoodleBob gains the upper hand and is just about to finish SpongeBob off, but then he steps on a piece of lined paper from a notebook that got knocked off a shelf during the scuffle. He gets stuck to the paper because he's a drawing. SpongeBob takes the opportunity to close the entire notebook on him, turning him into a regular drawing and adding a smile on his face.

[edit] Looks

DoodleBob was a very basic and crude drawing, described by Patrick as "creepy" even after his defeat. He still had some detail that made him look like SpongeBob, like eyelashes, his tie, and his shirt collar.

[edit] Powers and Weaknesses

DoodleBob could draw reasonably well, as he could draw a pineapple house similar to SpongeBob's, a bowling ball, and even draw himself back together. DoodleBob was also very strong. He could easily beat up Squidward by dunking him upside down. He could also easily throw SpongeBob into the air and throw a wrench onto Patrick's head. His main weakness however was paper. If he touched paper, he'd be stuck to it like glue. SpongeBob used this weakness to defeat him once and for all.

[edit] Voice

DoodleBob had a low, irritated, and slightly angry voice and could only talk in gibberish and phrases like "Mehoy minoy!" DoodleBob was voiced by Paul Tibbitt, one of the writers and storyboard directors for Frankendoodle.

[edit] Trivia/Goofs

  • DoodleBob appeared in a fan made game called DoodleBob and The Magic Pencil.

[edit] Quotes

  • "Meyohimeyoi!"
  • "Eemo wabawaba"
  • "Nyoyoymenyoyderionmomoy!"
  • "You Doodle. Me SpongeBob!"
  • Other gibberish

[edit] Episode Appearances

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