Ned and the Needlefish

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Ned, and the Needlefish!

Ned and the Needlefish is a popular band in Bikini Bottom and it is loved by many. It consists of Ned and the other people's names are not known although they are referred to as the Needlefish. Their only appearance so far is Wigstruck.

Band Attitude and Almost Closure

Ned is a kind guy but he got angry when the needlefish stole his wig. The needlefish seem quite cheeky but Ned is more serious. The band was almost closed when they arrived at Bigshot Records and Ned didn’t have hair or a wig. All was well luckily.

Band popularity and Appeal

Ned and the Needlefish tour around the whole Pacific Ocean, attracting big crowds. Ned and the Needlefish we're touring around Bikini Bottom. The bands looks are sort of laid back ripped shirt style. Ned has a peace sign around his necklace and they could support it too. Ned also loves his wig and eventually when he got it back, everyone loved it. When SpongeBob had the wig everyone hated it. They all wore blue pants, and they weren’t very tall.

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