Rock Bottom (City)

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Rock Bottom Sign
A Helpful Person
The Rock Bottom Clocks

Rock Bottom is a place outside the Bikini Bottom city limits. The Place was only seen in the Episode: Rock Bottom. Rock Bottom is extremely dark and SpongeBob said that it wasn't your average darkness and it was 'Advanced Darkness!' The city is very hard to find because of its 'Advanced Darkness'. The entrance to Rock Bottom is a 90 degree slope.

The People, Features and Facilities

The soil of rock bottom is actually slimy, green filth that talks and tells SpongeBob to put it down. The Toilet doors are very misleading because they each show a question mark and an upside question mark. SpongeBob and Patrick try to tell which is male or female but they are unable too because the creatures are avstrct, misleading and are in different colours and irregular sizes. In Rock Bottom, SpongeBob meets a Rock Bottom person that helps him to get out of the place. He or she has a neon light on top of him and he/she makes SpongeBob see better.

The People of Rcok Bottom speak a bit different to what Bikini Bottom creatures talk. When they speak they add a raspberry sound and spit with their tongue every few words. In one bit of the episode, SpongeBob was trying to speak to someone but the person couldn't understand his 'Accent'. So SpongeBob needed to use the raspberry noise with his mouth. The Alphabet, Words and Numbers are all different. With the numbers on the clocks ect. the numbers are warped, twisted, rotated and overall changed. The letters look the same but they are placed different and they are rotated and stuff. The fish here look more like aliens and sea monsters.


In one part of the episode, SpongeBob goes to a vending machine. It is called 'Kandy". SpongeBob buys a candy bar although someone from Rock Bottom Steals it. When SpongeBob attempts to grab the bar, the Bus leaves, making SpongeBob frustrated. In the machine there are all of the normal things that a candy machine would have, but the name is different ('Kandy')

Bus Timetable

The Bus timetable is amazingly strange... The bus leaves at random times and ironically it leaves when SpongeBob attempts to hop on. That is the Gag of the episode.

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