New Kelp City

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New Kelp City

New Kelp City is a city seen in the episode the episode What Ever Happened To SpongeBob?. It is a knockoff of New York City, and is the main setting for the episode.

The City

New Kelp City is a shabby, cold, and outrun town that seems surprisingly large and busy, considering the fact that nobody feels comfortable because of the gang that constantly annoys them. It has gray skyscrapers visible from a distance, but the city is run-down up close, with broken windows, and most of the doors are boarded up, the buildings rust, and several slime pools have been seen. Not many people are seen walking in streets and no boats are visible because most of the people are probably hiding from the notorious gang known as Bubble-Popping Boys.


New Kelp City is similar to a modern-day hick-town because most of the businesses are small and very few buildings in good condition exist here. It is, however, revealed by the various businesses that the citizens are skilled financial experts, construction workers, and video game players.

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