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The Patrick Star Show is the second spin-off based on SpongeBob SquarePants. It focuses on a younger Patrick living with his family. The show's first season has 26 episodes; so far, 21 of them have aired, with a total of 38 segments (40 counting double-length episodes).


[edit] Plot

The show's plot focuses on Patrick Star, who is younger than he is in the main series, living with his family while running a show (named The Patrick Show!) for their neighborhood, the Nitwit Neighborhood, from his home. Patrick's sister Squidina works as his manager while the rest of his family, his father Cecil, his mother Bunny, and his grandfather GrandPat, support him in their own ways. Mischief may ensue in the household and interrupt Patrick's show, but it always makes for good television.

Patrick's best friend, SpongeBob SquarePants (himself younger than he is in the main series), appears in some episodes. Other recurring roles include a younger Squidward Tentacles, who is the Nitwit Neighborhood's paperboy, and his grandmother-in-law, Granny Tentacles, as well as other characters from the main series. The Star family also have three "pets:" Tinkle (a toilet), Ouchie (a sea urchin), and Pinkeye (a sea rabbit).

[edit] Voice Cast

The Star family as they appear on the show. From left to right: Cecil, Bunny, Patrick, Squidina, and GrandPat.

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[edit] Recurring

[edit] Episodes

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