Chimps Ahoy (Episode)

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Chimps Ahoy
Titlecard-Chimps Ahoy.jpg

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Episode No.: 70a
Season: 4
Airdate: 5 May 2006
Previous Episode: Mrs. Puff, You're Fired
Next Episode: Ghost Host
Characters Voice actors
SpongeBob SquarePants Tom Kenny
Patrick Star Bill Fagerbakke
Sandy Cheeks Carolyn Lawrence

© Viacom

"Chimps Ahoy" is an episode from Season 4.



SpongeBob and Patrick get a Goofy Goober Backscratcher in the mail and try to share it with Squidward, who tells them to leave. They then decide to share it with Sandy. When they enter Sandy's Treedome they find her cuddled up and shuddering. She explains her Chimpanzee Beneficiaries are paying her a visit to see what progress she has made with her inventions. But Sandy doesn’t think any of her work will satisfy the chimps, and if they don’t like what she’s invented Sandy could lose her funding, forcing her to leave Bikini Bottom. She is really sad because all of her new inventions are unsuccessful. SpongeBob and Mr. Dr. Professor Patrick decide to help their distraught friend by taking over her work and start thinking new inventions that should satisfy the chimps. They think of ideas to make inventions and the goof is that Patrick is making up things that have already been invented. What SpongeBob and Mr. Dr Professor Patrick invent is The Automatic Back Scratcher, Hair Comber, Nose Picker, and Ukulele Tuner 9000, finished prior to the chimp's arrival. Lord Reginald enters it and it is working well until it goes wrong and harms him physically instead of pampering him. The chimps are angry and are about to leave. Professor Percy declares closure Sandy's establishment. Dr. Marmalade's potassium levels are low, so he pulls out a banana. The machine that was supposed to crack nuts turns on and peels the banana, which amazes the chimps. The machine makes Lord Reginald happpy and he offers Sandy 20 years of funding, which she accepts. Professor Percy expects great things from Sandy and the chimps leave. Meanwhile, Patrick tries out the machine, only to have the same fate as Lord Reginald (except he says, "Awesome!").


  • Christopher Ryan,Rik Mayall and Nigel Planer guest voice.
  • The backscratcher cost SpongeBob 52 box tops.
  • Sandy will be able to remain in Bikini Bottom for 20 more years, with the next contract.
  • This episode has almost the same plot as Texas; these are similar things that happen: Sandy sings a song that causes SpongeBob and Patrick to cry, SpongeBob and Patrick try to prevent Sandy from leaving, except that in this episode, Sandy is sad about leaving Bikini Bottom, in Texas she was sad about not being in Texas.
  • At one moment, Sandy is not in her breathing suit.
  • The Yellow Submarine the chimps were on is a parody of The Beatles' movie, album and song, Yellow Submarine.
  • When Sandy's nutcracker reaches into the bowl of nuts, three nuts fall on the ground. However, just before he throws down a nut, two nuts are on the ground.
  • This is the second time we see SpongeBob in a mirror.
  • The SpongeBob from the mirror does not have a helmet at first but when the SpongeBob from that mirror talked to Patrick, he already had a helmet on.
  • This was Universal SpongeBob's third appearance, his first appearance was in Wet Painters and his second was in Something Smells.
  • This is the first time that Goofy Goober is actually referenced outside the movie.
  • SpongeBob has a unibrow at moments but looked in the mirror closely he would realize that patrick had made a alternate universe because the reflction's unibrow was like his skin.
  • The Title Card Music is the same as Penny Foolish, Selling Out, Bucket Sweet Bucket, Nautical Novice, The Krusty Sponge & The Krabby Kronicle.
  • Many of the characters (Sandy, Patrick, SpongeBob, Mr. Krabs etc...) are shown in accurate size to humans. But Pearl and the chimps are tiny compared to their real counterparts
  • The message on the machine that SpongeBob and Patrick built was missing "Mr." (or maybe Patrick forgot it (see photo)).
  • Goofy Goober from The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie is mentioned in this episode.
  • Near the end when SpongeBob and Patrick said "Hooray!", SpongeBob was in a different color.
  • Sandy's inventions:
    • A helmet that lets the user talk to nuts
    • Nuticheeno machine
    • Robot Nutcracker
  • Sandy's bosses were searching for Sandy's Nutcraker robot (which is now a bananna peeler) for 117 years. 1 Century, ` Decade and 7 Years.
  • When Sandy put the nut in the Nuttichino machine,"Taps" played briefly.
  • The title card music matches Penny Foolish at the end when Mr. Krabs is digging out of SpongeBob's front yard.
  • The name comes from the cookie company, Chips Ahoy!
  • This is the second time SpongeBob's Reflection talks to him. The First was in Wet Painters.


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