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|- bgcolor="#ffffff"
| '''Interests:''' ||  
| '''Interests:''' ||  
*lifting his shoes
*Raising the middle finger
*Girly Girl girls
*Shutting up
*Going to the Tanning Salon
*Going to the Tanning Salon
|- bgcolor="#ffffff"
|- bgcolor="#ffffff"
| '''Species:''' || Lenny
| '''Species:''' || Lobster
|- bgcolor="#ffffff"
|- bgcolor="#ffffff"
| '''Address:''' || [[Bikini Bottom]], 457 Life Drive
| '''Address:''' || [[Bikini Bottom]], 457 Life Drive

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Larry the Lobster
  • Weightlifting
  • Volleyball
  • Girls
  • Lifeguard
  • Exercising
  • Partying
  • Surfing
  • Competitions
  • Going to the Tanning Salon
Species: Lobster
Address: Bikini Bottom, 457 Life Drive
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Black
Color: Crimson
First Appearence: Ripped Pants
Voiced by: Doug Lawrence
Occupation: Lifeguard

Lawrence Larry Lobster is a lobster who usually hangs out at Goo Lagoon. He also works there as a lifeguard as seen on episode SpongeGuard on Duty. It was proven that he is red because he took too many tanning pills. He is always at Goo Lagoon and he has many friends. He is also the head of the lifesavers and is a weightlifting and swimming champion. It makes SpongeBob jealous. Larry is the 10th and last major character of the show. Larry's first appearance was in ripped pants. He is not to be confused with the snail Lary.



Larry often seems to be arrogant and kind. He is happy at times and is always proud to save the Bikini Bottom citizens from trouble in Goo Lagoon. In the episode, Party Pooper Pants he likes to party. Because of his friendly and nice attitude, Larry doesn't really have any enemies, but in the episode Bubble Buddy, The Bubble Buddy was accused of criticizing Larry and some of his friends, saying that they had 'Bubble Butts'. In the end of A Life in a Day, it seems as if SpongeBob is his new enemy. Larry's birthday is May 1973


Larry is a buff lobster who works out to get his physique good. Because of his charming looks, he attracts many female creatures. Larry is an average height because he is much taller than most of his friends, except Don the Whale who is the same size. Larry would have originally been blue because real lobsters are blue lobsters and are only red when they are cooked. He has blue Speedos and sunscreen on his nose when he is a lifeguard. In later episodes, his tail is more shown and he wears more green in his shorts. He was shrunk in the episode: Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy IV, thus making him even smaller then Plankton.


In the episode: SpongeGuard on Duty, it is revealed that he loves to go to the tanning salon. He also says that he loves being with the girls and being a great lifeguard. In the episode Shanghaied, it is revealed he likes to run while listening or playing to music. This is backed up because in the episode: Band Geeks he joined Squidward's band to beat Squilliam Fancyson. In some episodes, it is shown that Larry likes volleyball and is good at it too. It was revealed in A Life in a Day that Larry likes to live life to the fullest and be a daredevil but that ended after SpongeBob and Patrick got him ripped to shreds at Ripper's Reef.

Loves & Fears

At times Larry can be scared like in the episodes Shanghaied, he gets scared by the Flying Dutchman. Also in SpongeBob Meets the Strangler he is very afraid to see the TattleTale Strangler. In the episode: That's No Lady, he was attracted to Patricia: Patrick in disguise... Also, in SpongeGuard on Duty, he has some dates. He loves to ride scary amusement park rides, like in Roller Cowards, where he makes SpongeBob and Patrick smell him. He also has a fear of his beachers getting ripped to shreds in Ripper's Reef, and SpongeBob and Patrick get Larry ripped to shreds in the process, in A Life in a Day. It is also very possible that he is in love with Sandy, after Ripped Pants.

Larry Surfing


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