Jellion Clones

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The Jellion Clones are the clones of the Jellyfish and the entire population of Bikini Bottom. They appeared in Planet of the Jellyfish. They were created by the Jellion King. The cloned jellyfish have the power to clone anything in their desire. The jellyfish don't sting with their tentacles. However they failed to clone Sandy and SpongeBob since they fought back by adding mayonnaise to kill them off,the eyes a silmulor to trilobites eyes.

[edit] Looks

The clones only difference from the characters cloned were the eyes which were dark black silmulor to trilobites eye. Their mouths are filled with either their voice Just Look Like A Robot JelionPatrick JelionSquidward JelionScooter JelionGary Jelion Billy(Teenager) JelionFred Jelion Nancy Jelion Tom Jelion Sadie

Flying Dutchman Peherostic Gary The Main Drain (place) Smitty Werben Jager Man Jensen Bikini Bottom Triangle

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