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The new Charlie!
Charlie and Mr. Magic

Charlie plays the main role of Mr. Magic's Magical Magic Kit Commercial. His friends describe him as boring, dull, drab and platitudinous. With his voice, he really does not sound exciting and you can see immediately that he's really boring. Mr. Magic then transforms him into some kind of magician so his friends would not think that he is that kind of fish. After that transformation he feels very proud and feels he is a new person and he therefore thinks that people and especially his friends will no longer ignore him. Charlie is seen in many episodes before and after Hocus Pocus such as in Walking Small when he sat on SpongeBob, also in Grandma's Kisses when he started making fun of SpongeBob by calling him a baby. In Driven to Tears, Charlie is seen as the judge at the courthouse but is a pinkish color. He also appears in Driven to Tears as one of Squidward's band members. In Something Smells, Patrick offends him with his rancid breath. Charlie then says, "You trying to kill us?!"

[edit] Looks

He is a blue fish that wears red trousers. After he was transformed into a wizard he then wears a purple cape, Rasputin beard and a red robe decorated with stars.

[edit] Jobs

  • Actor (because he was seen at Mr magic's commercial and probably he is the host of bikini bottom car wash)
  • Constructor
  • Mail Operator
  • School Student boats
  • After looking at SpongeBob
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