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"Howard Blandy in Selling Out"
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Howard Blandy is the leader of Blandy Franchising Company. He has successfully closed many small family businesses. His phone number on his Business card reads (555) 123 7213. It is possible that he is a parody of Donald Trump, the 45th President of the USA. Mr. Krabs worships him. Blandy is ruthlessly responsible for takeovers of every small family buisness. Once he bought the Krusty Krab, he renovated it and called it the Krabby O Mondays. Its boss was a fish called Carl.


[edit] Looks

Howard Blandy is a solid, green fish who shows the look on his face that he is a bit droopy and angry. He has fluro green hair and he wears a black suit. Under that is a purple shirt and purple tie.

[edit] Voice

Tom Kenny voices him (as seen in the credits of "Selling Out")

[edit] Attitude

Howard Blandy is quite arrogant and he speaks with no expression or feeling.

[edit] Appearences

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