Mr. What Zit Tooya

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Mr. What Zit Tooya

Mr. What Zit Tooya is a grumpy man who appears in Good Ol' Whatshisname. He was questioned by Squidward what his name is. What Zit Tooya told him. But Squidward thought he said "What's it to ya?!" So Squidward stole away his wallet to figure out his name. Tooya and the cops chase him. They catch him, and sends him to jail for stealing the wallet and running a stop sign.


Tooya appears as a purple fish, with hair on the sides of his head instead of on top and has a blue tie. He has a large fin on his back, as do most fish in Bikini bottom. He also wears a dark brown-green suit. He has 3 red spots on his head similar to Squidward.

ID Card

Mr. What Zit Tooya has a driver's license that displays everything that a normal driver's license would. He looks very angry on it, but that is his personality. His rank is S and he lives on 150 Shell Street. He weighs 5 ounces, and he is 7 inches tall. His ID card says that he has no hair, but he really does. He is in Class B and his secret number is A6013747.

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