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Lary The Snail
Lary's bowl

This article is about the Snail. If you were looking for the lifeguard, see Larry the Lobster.

Lary the Snail who is shown in the Episode: Dumped.The reason SpongeBob got Lary the Snail is, because Gary Dumped SpongeBob for Patrick. Lary has a much deeper voice than his species member Gary.

[edit] Looks

Lary has long, scruffy eyelashes, red eyes, and his shell is mostly colored in a light brown, but has spots of yellow and lines of purple. His shell is pretty much the same as Gary's but with a different color.

[edit] Attitude

Lary has a pretty bad attitude. At first, when SpongeBob presents Lary with food he smells it and growls and gets a disgusted look on his face. Secondly, when SpongeBob shows were Lary sleeps, Lary growls again and tears all the newspaper up, and sleeps on SpongeBob's bed and SpongeBob sleeps on the newspapers. Thirdly, when SpongeBob tells Lary the joke he just doesn't laugh and growls again.

[edit] Little Known Facts

When SpongeBob presents Lary with food, if you look under the table, the beach ball looks like the Google Chrome Logo.

His name should be Larry, but SpongeBob just made it "LARY". He simply crossed out Gary's "G"! He appears in SpongeBob:Truth or Square as a challenge tiki in each level.

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