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Farfel Bainbridge is an art evaluator/museum curator. He first appeared in Fiasco!. He settled the dispute between Squidward and Mr. Krabs in who gets the paint-splattered plate that Fiasco created. But he says that it belongs to the people of Bikini Bottom and so he places it underneath a glass cover protecting it from what he claims (protect it from the air) and laments that it has to be shown in a "grease trap" (Krusty Krab). Mr. Krabs takes umbrage at this and asks, "Oh, so now you're a restaurant critic, too?"

[edit] Look

He is purple with a dark purple fin, a pointed snout, and sharp teeth. He might be a shark because of his teeth, or a billfish (like a marlin), since his fin is closer to that of a billfish than that of a shark. His voice is similar to a british accent.

[edit] Trivia

  • Mr. Krabs called him "Farkle".
  • It seems he wasn't notified when Plankton stole the art work since he created the protection of it.
  • Since he is an art critic he may know Frederick T. Nitpick.
  • his face may look silmulor to a face in a AO rated game,seduce me.

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