Potty the Parrot

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Gender: Male
Species: Puppet parrot
Color: Green
Friends: Patchy the Pirate
Voice by: Stephen Hillenburg (2000-2004), Paul Tibbitt (2005-2012), Doug Lawrence (2017-present)

Potty the Parrot is a Patchy the Pirate's puppet friend. Potty is a little argumentative and often makes fun of Patchy. The viewers are constantly reminded that Potty is a puppet with very obvious strings and big googly eyes.

From 2000 to 2004, Potty was voiced by the creator of SpongeBob himself, Stephen Hillenburg. After Hillenburg left the show, Paul Tibbitt took over the role. Since Tibbitt also left the show, Doug Lawrence has taken over as Potty's third voice.


[edit] Character biography

[edit] As Patchy's pet

Potty is usually torturing Patchy. Patchy constantly is annoyed by Potty, though Potty has all the good ideas. Potty would usually say "Squawk!" which bothers Patchy, almost as if Patchy didn't know it was a common noise made by parrots.

[edit] Season 2

No. Titlecard Title Description Screenshot
Titlecard Christmas Who?.jpg
Christmas Who?
Sandy tells SpongeBob about christmas customs, now he teaches the town of Bikini Bottom about Christmas. When Santa doesn't come, the citizens shun him and Squidward makes fun of him, but he make a gift for him. Now it's up to Squidward to change everything.
Titlecard Shanghaied.jpg
SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward are slaves on the ship owned by the Flying Dutchman

[edit] Season 3

No. Titlecard Title Description Screenshot
Titlecard Party Pooper Pants.jpg
Party Pooper Pants SpongeBob decide that he will have a party at his house and he invites everybody. SpongeBob keeps bothering everybody with his list of what to do at what time list and gets locked out of his own house.
Titlecard Ugh.jpg
UGH The episode beging with Patchy the Pirate telling you that B.C times were the best. Then it tells you the story of the B.C SpongeBob, SpongeGar, Patar, and Squog discover fire.
Titlecard The Sponge Who Could Fly.jpg
The Sponge Who Could Fly SpongeBob tries to gain the ability to happily soar in the sky so he can fly with the jellyfish, but everybody laughs at him because his FIRST try was unsuccessful.

[edit] Season 4

No. Titlecard Title Description Screenshot
Titlecard-Have You Seen This Snail?.jpg
Have You Seen This Snail?
Gary runs away when SpongeBob forgets to feed him. Does someone else take care of him?

[edit] Season 5

No. Titlecard Title Description Screenshot
81 81 .jpg Friend or Foe? The history behind the relationship between Mr. Krabs and Plankton is revealed.
92 Atlantis SquarePantis.jpg Atlantis SquarePantis SpongeBob ventures to Atlantis and meets Lord Royal Highness (David Bowie).
96 Pestofwildwestep2.jpg Pest of the West SpongeBob finds out that he is related to a western hero named SpongeBuck. WestBob.jpg
Titlecard What Ever Happened to SpongeBob?.jpg
What Ever Happened to SpongeBob? After everyone calls him Idiot Boy, SpongeBob leaves Bikini Bottom and develops Amnesia. Will Someone ever find SpongeBob? What Happend.jpg

[edit] Season 6

No. Titlecard Title Description Screenshot
Truth or Square.jpg
Truth or Square The Krusty Krab celebrates its 117th anniversary, and Mr. Krabs plans to sell lots of Krabby Patties. But then, SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward and Mr. Krabs get locked in the freezer. Square-2.jpg

[edit] Season 8

# Titlecard Title Airdate Written by Description Screenshot
Titlecard It’s a SpongeBob Christmas!.jpg It's a SpongeBob Christmas! November 23, 2012 (CBS)
December 6, 2012 (Nickelodeon)
Luke Brookshier
Marc Ceccarelli
Derek Iversen
Mr. Lawrence
SpongeBob tries to spread Christmas joy, but it gets hard when Plankton turns everyone into jerks with his Jerktonium-laced fruitcake. ItsaspongebobChristmas.jpg

[edit] Season 10

# Titlecard Title Airdate Written by Description Screenshot
Feralfriends.jpg Feral Friends October 7, 2017 Mr. Lawrence A weird moon turns everyone in the city into wild animals, and Sandy is the only one who can save them. Feralfriendsimage.jpg

[edit] Running Gag

There have been a few instances where the viewer needs to be reminded that Potty is a puppet. Mysteriously, Potty is usually back to normal in only a few minutes. A few of these reminders are seen below:

  • In "Christmas Who?," Patchy the pirate cuts the strings that Potty is attached to.
  • In that same episode, Patchy also pulls on the strings, causing what seems to be Potty's puppeteer falling from the ceiling.
  • Again, in the same episode, Potty eats so much cookie dough. The bird's entire body fell from the weight, leaving just a head.
  • Again, in the same episode, at the end, when Patchy claims there is a mistletoe, Potty tries to kiss Patchy.
  • In the end of special segment entitled "Patchy's Pick," Potty is blown up by dynamite.
  • In every Potty appearance, you can clearly see the puppet strings above the bird.
  • In Ugh, Potty keeps arguing with Patchy that the future is better than the past by even building a robot named X-29488 & wearing futuristic metal equipment.
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