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Frederick T. Nitpick is the local art critic of Bikini Bottom. He only appears in The Googly Artiste. He notices Patrick's goggle eyes rock sculpture. Nitpick seems to hate Squidward's art. He says he is looking for more creative and fresh/new.

[edit] Looks

Frederick wears formal clothes which includes a black suit and black shoes,etc... His skin color is dark purple.

[edit] Story

Squidward boasts to SpongeBob and Patrick about being a true artist but is extremely dismayed when Frederick brands him as a lame artist. Before that Squidward boasts about his belief in being a true artist to SB and Patrick and summons him to review his masterpiece but Frederick says it sucks badly. He confiscates Squidward's art beret which is used to show a true artist. Squidward gets furious when Frederick gives $500, the beret and Squidward's confiscated true artist fame to Patrick in exchange for one of Patrick's rocks decorated with googly eyes. Over time the people trust Frederick and buy from Patrick leading Squidward to get so jealous that he tries to sabotage Patrick's fame (He tells Patrick to watch his krabby patty). Patrick ends up inventing a better masterpiece; two googly eyes on a Krabby Patty that Frederick says is the greatest piece in the world and hands money to Patrick. However the art ends up being sponsored by Mr. Krabs who offers Patrick his fame and brand as a true artist under the condition that Mr. Krabs gets to keep all of the money for himself. It is presumed that this means Frederick must buy Patrick's art pieces from Mr. Krabs now.

[edit] Trivia

  • Squidward is familiar with his work he brought into museums such as famous statues and etc...
  • He may know Farfel Bainbridge who is another art critic.
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