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Plankton giving Sadie a Chum stick
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Sadie Rechid is an orange fish appearing as a cameo character in many episodes. She is seen wearing a purple dress and White Heel Shoes. She is also a common customer in the Krusty Krab. Her name was revealed in Good Ol' Whatshisname.

She works in Snail-Po World Headquarters with Peterson, as seen in the episode Missing Identity and also as a nurse at the Bikini Bottom Hospital in The Two Faces of Squidward. Sadie has a son named Monroe and three daughters named Isabelle,Nancy, Suzy,a baby and a sister named Martha. She is seen in Chocolate With Nuts, when she should have bought a chocolate bar from SpongeBob and Patrick, but they had trouble finding one and she went back inside her house. She paid ten dollars for Plankton's Chum on a stick in Spongicus and gets sick. Sadie is an ice cream vendor in the episode Ditchin'. She's married to Fred. A pink version of her appears in Shellback Shenanigans, where she works as a nurse.

[edit] Attitude

Sadie is always depicted as a nice lady, as seen in many episodes. She falls to the charm of handsome man, and she expects good deals as revealed in Spongicus, when she complained about the act that she had to spend $10.00 on a stick of chum when she could go across the street and get a Krabby Patty for $1.00. In the episode Sun Bleached, she mistook SpongeBob for a monster and beat him up when he touched her baby.

[edit] Appearances

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