Ripper's Reef

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Rippers Reef

Ripper's Reef is an island at Goo Lagoon seen in the episode: A Life in a Day when SpongeBob and Patrick shoot a knife at the island. Ripper's Reef is a very dangerous place because it is filled with spikes that will scrape you very badly. SpongeBob, Patrick, and Larry the Lobster end up at Bikini Bottom Hospital. Anyone who attempted to get shot to the island would get ripped to shreds.

[edit] Victims

[edit] Quotes

Patrick: Are you sure about this SpongeBob? This looks really dangerous! (Tied to a harpoon aiming at thne beach)

SpongeBob: Yes! What happened to being in the moment!?

Larry: (Shows Larry listening to music. Notices SB and Patrick and looks with a telescope) "Whoa! Now there's two guys that know how to live!

SpongeBob: Prepare for countdown!

Larry: I'm proud of them! (Gasps) Wait a minute... With that angle they'll land right in (Notices an island with spikes) RIPPERS REEF! They'll be ripped to shreds! (Runs towards them) Wait don't do it! STOP!!

SpongeBob: Three, two one liftoff! (Pulls a rope and the harpoon launches)

Larry: Drat! (Throws a lifesaver and it lands on harpoon and pulls Larry up with it) WHOA! Look guys my advice wasn't to main yourselves! Look! (Points at Rippers Reef) AAAAAH!!!! AAAAAAAHHHHH!

Rippers Reef: "CRRRAAASSSHHH!"" (Cuts to the hospital where Patrick SpongeBob and Larry are casted)

Patrick & Larry: Ohhh! Owwww! Ohhh! OWWW!

SpongeBob: Hey what are you two lazybones doing lying around? There's a big ramp down the hall! I got room for two more! What would Larry do?

Larry: (Scowls) What would Larry do? I'll show you what Larry would do!! Come here!!! (Chases SpongeBob) Come here I said!! HEY! (Ends episode)

[edit] Looks

It looks like purple shards of crystal, floating on an island.

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