Prehistoric Krabs

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Prehistoric Krabs
Gender: Male/Unknown
Scientific Family Crustacean
Color: Red
First Appearance: Ugh
Last Appearance: Ugh

The Prehistoric Krabs is one of the small Krabs that Patar eats with his stick in the episode: Ugh!. The only words the Prehistoric Krabs say are "money, haggle." It just has the exact same characteristics as a normal crab. Patar loves to eat them and he burnt him and ate him in one big gulp. He is a blood red color who does talk a lot.

[edit] Looks and Habitat

The Prehistoric Krabs are miniature versions of Mr. Krabs. They have the same eye shape as Mr. Krabs and they have big meaty claws. They also only have one tooth on their bottom jaw that sticks up over their top lip. As seen in the episode: Ugh! The Prehistoric Krabs live under rocks,like patrick.

[edit] Trivia

  • Patar ate this so Patar may be omnivorous.
  • Prehistoric Krabs lives in the dinosaur era.
  • They may be the extinct genus of a crab(crustaceans/arthropods).
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