Sand Castles in the Sand (Episode)

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Sand Castles in the Sand
Titlecard Sand Castles in the Sand.jpg

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Episode No.: 121a
Season: 6
Airdate: 16 March 2009
Previous Episode: Toy Store of Doom
Next Episode: Shell Shocked
Characters Voice actors
SpongeBob SquarePants Tom Kenny
Patrick Star Bill Fagerbakke

Sand Castles in the Sand is an episode from Season 6.





SpongeBob goes to the beach with his best friend Patrick.On the bus ride there, SpongeBob continously asks the bus driver "Out of all this people who do you think is my best freind?". After being driven mad the bus driver kicks them off to where they think is "the middle of nowhere". After realizing they are actually at the beach, they set off for some fun. At first, they play a friendly game of "small plastic disk that you throw" then shorten the name to "small plastic disc you toss" (i.e., Frisbee),then they accidentally destroying the lifeguard tower, Lou's ice cream stand, and upsetting beach goers in the process. The lifeguard orders them to find something to do that is less obnoxious: so they decide to build sand castles. SpongeBob tries to help Patrick build a sand castle, but he destroys Patrick's castle in the process.Patrick responds by destroying SpongeBob's sand castle.Then they're even. SpongeBob makes a dividing line in the sand so that they can each make their own creations without interfering with the other. Patrick is unable to respect the dividing line,and builds part of his castle over on SpongeBob's side. SpongeBob cuts off the that part of the castle, which makes Patrick mad and they end up destroying each other's castle. then the're even again. But now,it's war! SpongeBob and Patrick each build castles, warriors, and weapons out of the sand to attack each other, overdoing it in the processs. They fire missiles, send out armies, and in the middle of it, SpongeBob gets Patrick to sign a treaty and "Bring peace to their land". Even so, as SpongeBob turns around, Patrick launches a bomb on SpongeBob, claiming "That treaty ain't worth the sand it's printed on. So now the war is back on. He even makes a general and consults him for a military strategy. During the battle SpongeBob feels sorry for Patrick (who was hit by a missile) that he has been hurt but Patrick then doesn't care and starts fighting again. Things get so dangerous that fellow beach goers flee for their lives. SpongeBob and Patrick eventually hurt each other: both end up with black eyes and other injuries. When they realize that they went overboard, they make up. SpongeBob goes on a long speech of the wrongs of the war. The citizens of Bikini Bottom are angered and make SpongeBob and Patrick clean up the whole beach.They have lots of work to do. But in the end, they have a contest to see who can clean up the beach the fastest. The rivalry starts again!


SpongeBob and Patrick at Goo Lagoon
  • The robot Patrick made resembled Optimus Prime from "Transformers"
  • At the beginning, when Patrick's house opened, it looked 3-D.
  • The title card is very similar to the one in Rise and Shine.
  • The Lifeguard is the same one from the episode Ripped Pants


Episode Transcript: Sand Castles in the Sand

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