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Betsy 'Mama' Krabs with green glasses and a blue dress as seen in Mid-Life Crustacean

Betsy "Mama" Krabs is Eugene Krabs' Mother. She is a single person and she lives in a pink and fluffy version of Mr. Krabs' house. In the episode: Mid-Life Crustacean, SpongeBob, Patrick and Mr. Krabs go on a night out. She is only just seen when she tells the 3 men that they should stop pantyrading and then Mr. Krabs get sent up to his old boyish room. (His punishment is he has to spend the night at his mother's house.) She also plays a small part in Sailor Mouth. When she was young she had a full on Irish accent. She is 85 years old.

In the episode Friend or Foe?, she has an Irish accent, then a manly deep man voice in (voiced by Paul Tibbitt) Sailor Mouth and Mid-Life Crustacean, and then her original Irish accent once more in the episode: Enemy In-Law. When she was raising young Mr. Krabs, she could not afford to buy clothes for him. She was friends with Old Man Jenkins so she gave Mr. Krabs his old, raggy cloth to use as clothes. Mr. Krabs was made fun of for this, and was called "Rag Boy". Her Irish accent returns in her cameo in Spongicus.


[edit] Looks

Mama Krabs is an old crab who wears purple and has 'Claws'. Her skin is becoming wrinkly and she wears green glasses with bits of gold at the ends. On her back is fluffy white hair. She is able to still able to throw a good punch. When she was young she still looked similar to what she does now. Her appeareance is actually similar to Mr. Krabs but with age spots. She also gave birth to Mr. Krabs who is as tough as she is.

[edit] Children

[edit] Grandchildren

[edit] Friends

[edit] Enemies

  • SpongeBob (Not at all but she was mad when he and Patrick tried to steal her clothing.)
  • Squidward (They haven't interacted.)
  • Plankton (When he tries to steal the secret formula.)

[edit] Quotes

  • "You should all be ashamed!"
  • "Do you think you scallywags have earned a glass of lemonade?"
  • "Go to your Office!"
  • "Eugene, lights out!"
  • "For your information Eugene, he hasn't asked me once about the formula!"
  • "Eugene! You put my boyfriend (Plankton) down this Instant!!"
  • "I'm right here!"
  • "Boring! I want to see some body parts!
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