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Frank is a fish who owns the Palace of Pranks store. He is friends with SpongeBob and gives him discounts at his store because he is the store's biggest patron. Frank sold the Invisible Spray to SpongeBob and Patrick for $1. Frank so far has only appeared in the episode Pranks a Lot and You Don't Know Sponge.

[edit] Looks

Frank is a green color. He wears a blue shirt and has brown pants. He has short gray hair and has an eye patch on his left eye. He looks like he's in about his late sixties.

[edit] Trivia

  • He is not to be confused with a cameo character also named Frank whose name is revealed in the episode: Dying for Pie.
    • In fact, there are some male characters named, "Frank".
    • Patrick's spatula is also named Frank as revealed on Little Yellow Book
  • His name sounds a lot like the word, "prank".
  • He appears to be the owner of the Magic Shop as well in You Don't Know Sponge, but how can he manage two shops at a time?

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