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"Heh! A couple of mediocre salesmen if ya ask me."

The Con Man is a devious fish seen in the episode: Chocolate With Nuts. He cons SpongeBob and Patrick many times in the episode. For instance, the Con Man sold SpongeBob and Patrick Candy Bar Bags, in which they bought lots. Then at the next house, Con Man was back again and sold those Candy Bar Bag Carrying Bags in which they bought 20, but only 2 were seen. It was worthless but the Con Man got even more money. Then when SpongeBob and Patrick were pretending to be seriously injured, they go to a house in which the Con Man also lives in. He opens the door and tells the boys about his injuries. He claims that he has Glass Bones, Paper Skin and his heart attacks put him asleep, these are all untrue, and he gets SpongeBob and Patrick to buy all of his Chocolate Bars. After SpongeBob and Patrick leave, he takes off all of the technical equipment and suits and he is fully victorious in conning them.

The Con Man makes another appearance in 20,000 Patties Under the Sea. In this episode he was seen with a woman, probably his wife. Once again, he tricked them with out even trying. SpongeBob and Patrick paid this man to buy Krabby Patties, he doesn't like potatoes on his Krabby Patty.

[edit] Looks/Wealth

The Con Man is an average sized purple fish with a smirk. He has a cream shirt and a posh red over shirt. The Con Man also has brown pants and a brown hat. Just like Plankton, he is very intelligent on becoming a very successful villain. He may be related to the Bikini Bottom Police Force. He is green in 20,000 Patties Under The Sea.

[edit] Quotes

  • "Ha Ha Ha! Suckers!"
  • "Why don't I fetch you some Candy Bar Bag Carrying Bags"
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