Replacement Doctor

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Replacement Doctor

Gender: Male
Species: Fish
Color: Purple
Height: Tall
Interests: Acting
Friends: Doctor, Administrator Flotsam, and Dr. Gill Gilliam.
First Appearance: The Lost Mattress

Replacement Doctor (Name possibly "Gill Finley") is a character from Season 4 only. For some reason, he replaces Dr. Gill Gilliam for all of the season except SquidBob TentaclePants and Once Bitten. It is unknown what his name is. His first appearance was The Lost Mattress when he had Mr. Krabs as his patient. His next appearance was in Funny Pants when Squidward's laugh box burned out. His last appearance was in All that Glitters where it is revealed that he is not really a doctor.




Replacement Doctor is known to be a very nice person. He is never mean or harsh to anybody. The only trick he really did was get the job temporarily just to get a part as an actor. Otherwise, he never lies and is an honest person.


Replacement Doctor is a light purple fish with a white suit and wears the same hat that Dr. Gill Gilliam wears.


  • In Funny Pants, his voice is different.
  • He is only in three episodes that are only from Season 4.
  • In his last appearance, All that Glitters, it is revealed that he is an actor, not a doctor.
  • In The Lost Mattress, he seems to always be wearing a frown.
  • According to a SpongeBob SquarePants Magazine his name is "Gill Finley".


  • "Mr. Krabs is in a "cash coma". Only the return of his money can save his life." (The Lost Mattress)
  • "There's no easy way to say this. SpongeBob, if I were you, I would give serious consideration to start thinking about... a replacement spatula. Go home. Get some rest. We'll try to do everything we can." (All that Glitters)
  • "Nonsense. Your laugh should be stronger than ever." (Funny Pants)
  • "Oh I'm not a doctor. I'm an actor searching for a role. YES! Whoo-Hoo! I'm so totally going to get this part!" (All that Glitters)

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